Friday, February 27, 2009

Solo Shopping

I don't shop a lot.

At least that's what I tell myself. However, I am a big believer in retail therapy. Shopping cures all. And for me, it's really just the browsing that makes me happy.

Dressing rooms, believe it or not, also make me quite happy.

I do get a little crazy when I go shopping alone though. That's when I start spamming my sister with picture texts of the "Yes or No?" variety.

This afternoon I sent her a picture of me in this Tommy Hilfiger shirt ->

with the caption, "Look at this gorgeous shirt that I will not be spending $70 on."

I sent my roommate a picture of me in Calvin Klein jeans with the caption "Size 8 Calvin Klein jeans! I am now officially skinnier than Oprah!"

Any fans of 1988 Oprah? Just me? Okay...

In any case, my students would like me to tell you that the Little Red Wagon there is holding 67 lbs. of fat. It's a very educational and inspirational wagon of fat. Just believe me.

Meanwhile back in the dressing room...

I took a picture that I didn't end up sending anyone, so I'm going to talk it out with you.

Inside the dressing room at Macy's they had two signs (that's two inside my individual dressing room) assuring me that the "fitting rooms are monitored by same-gender security personnel."

Now let's just think about that a minute.

If the Macy's dressing rooms are monitored by "same-gender security personnel", then today those cameras were manned by a female who works towards a fierce, yet cute, androgyny with her daily appearance. Sure that her sex does not dictate her daily behavior, she plays tough on the job but obsessively bakes for friends. At turns awkward, deferential, feminist, confused, and girly, this security maven hangs with the guys and doesn't always answer her phone when it rings. And I bet that when she tries on clothes, she looks around (usually unsuccessfully) for the security camera.

I don't know, but I'd like to believe Macy's on this one. And... I'd like this similarly gendered girl's number.


The Empress said...

Ahaha. I hate dressing rooms. I never feel like those mirrors show me what I actually look like in clothes.

Evan said...

Well said, A. Very few people can self-assess as accurately as you. As an English major, I wonder about the choice of "same-gender" vs. "same-sex." Did the word "sex" become, at some point, un-P.C.? What term does one use, then, to describe to highlight the difference between one's socially constructed gender identity and which genetalia one has?