Saturday, February 28, 2009

Measure Twice, Bake Once

So far, my Spring Break has been somewhat slow. I tried to make plans for myself on a fast train or an aeroplane, but nothing worked.

Alas, I'll just have to make the most of two weeks off in Maine.

What better to way to start relaxing than with a mega cupcake baking extravaganza?

(The answer should be obvious here.)

Tonight I was so excited about tomorrow's baking that I actually did cupcake prep.

I think I was heavily influenced by Hell's Kitchen last night. The girls won the challenge, so the boys had to do the girls' prep work for dinner service. Unsurprisingly, the boys "forgot" something. "Where's the tomato cream sauce?! WHERE'S THE TOMATO CREAM SAUCE?!"

If tomorrow I find I've sabotaged myself by "forgetting" an ingredient, I fully intend to yell at myself.


Prepping three very different batters was a challenge, but fun in a I-like-to-do-puzzles-and-fill-in-forms way.

Here you can see my craziness sorted out in neat fashion. Maple Bacon, Blueberry Almond Ricotta, and Fauxstess Cake ingredients all ready to go. I haven't measured out the perishables that should stay in the refrigerator overnight, but I think this setup will save me lots of time tomorrow.

Did I mention that I'm making halved and quartered recipes? Well... I am. These tiny recipes would make between 6 and 7.5 regular sized cupcakes, but since I'm feeding each classmate one of each cupcake, I'm making minis. Hopefully I can trust my fraction work.

Oh, and one last thing: I struggled to fry bacon. Who does that?

Apparently I do. Please notice the pile of rejected burnt bacon on the left there. Ugh.

On the bright side, I think that I bought myself enough time to be able to watch episode 2 of season 6 of The L Word before I go to bed tonight AND sleep until I wake up tomorrow.

Now that sounds like Spring Break.

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