Sunday, February 10, 2008

quick update on my days

once again, i am updating precisely because i have so much to do that i don't want to bother with.

i'm getting existential on myself these days. i don't know why i'm here. i don't know where i would rather be. i don't know what i want with my life. i feel like i'm getting a better feel for what i don't want, but that's to be expected i guess.

anyway, allow me to fill you in the things that occupy my days of late.

1. jack the ripper

i didn't prepare amazingly well before the semester started, so i'm having to plan as i go. which isn't bad, just a lot of work.

2. the umaine gym

they have a couple more machines than cnu. i'm absolutely addicted. i've also fallen in love with step aerobics. haha... that really makes me laugh.

3. nip/tuck

beth lent me season 1, so i don't really do much else these days.

4. nannie

alright, so her name isn't nannie, but i don't know what her name is yet. i'm rediscovering the music that was forever lost to me on the shuffle. i'm currently quite into kate nash, timbaland, brandi carlisle, onerepublic, a fine frenzy and yael niam, among others.

well...i guess i've put this stuff off enough, back to the grind!