Sunday, February 15, 2009

AAA: A Love Story

Since I moved to Maine in the summer of 2007, I've encountered more car difficulties than I ever did in Virginia.

Luckily, AAA has come to my aid every single time.

When I was trapped in a friend's car in Boston, the friend became hysterical and I called AAA. After they left us, the car stalled again, she became completely inconsolable, and I called AAA back.

And they saved us. Again. That driver said I was his first southerner.

A couple of months later when I was in Sanford, Maine (halfway between my starting point and destination) with an overheating car, I called AAA.

A very nice volunteer fireman and part-time tow truck driver drove me and my dead car as far as Portland.

When I accidentally locked my keys in my car, I... oh, I guess I called my roommmate. :)

Anyway, AAA saved me again today.

As it turns out, I must have left the lights on in my car when I came back from the gym on Saturday. I don't even remember turning them on, but they must have been on all afternoon, evening, and into the morning.

Today AAA broke all the records though. I called and within 15 minutes, there was a tow truck driver, older than God, jumping my car. And do you want to know was my rescuer had to say to me at 3pm today?

Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

Him: "Is the battery really dead, dear?"

Me: "It is. I left my lights on all night."

Him: "Were you out par-tay-ing last night?" (You can almost hear the smile and wink in that phrase, can't you?)

And you know what I wanted to say in response?

"No! I baked a caked and used fondant for the first time. The fondant was really hard to work with and it didn't even taste that great. I threw a party anyway, but only one person came. And we ended up watching tv and fixing my computer because it had a virus that wouldn't let me search on Google. And I do a lot of cooking and baking these days, so Google is like my lifeline. Would you like some cake balls?"

Luckily, I didn't say that. I somehow pulled off a calm, "No, I was here."

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The Empress said...

Oh AAA how you amaze me. I'm certain I'll be in need of this service when I venture back to the lands where people drive cars.