Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Morning After

Ugh. I don't know about Big E and the roommate, but I am feeling a bit of a cake hangover today.

Allow me to explain why.

Last night I threw a haphazard yet killer party for my roommate and Big E. Big E fixed my computer (and earned my undying devotion) while we watched a Peanuts Valentine's special and the 2nd installment of the Grey's Anatomy/ Private Practice crossover.

Here's the part that you might care about.

We also cut the cake.

Oh... what cake? I'm sorry. This one.

As it turns out, the roommate, Big E, and I were no match for the overwhelming sugar-ness of all that red fondant. Not one of us finished a whole piece.

But didn't she cut up well?

And I managed to take a picture of a white chocolate cake truffle in slightly better lighting. Notice how the truffle is enjoying some modern art.

Such a sassy truffle.

All present for last night's celebration of Saint Valentine agreed that the cake was cute and a good effort; however, we also agreed that actually eating the cake was a bit of a struggle. Too much sweet.

I woke up this morning feeling sluggish and well...heavier than I did yesterday.

So, what can one do when suffering from a cake hangover?

Well... two things.

1. Hair of the Dog - I dumped the cake leftovers last night, but there are still quite a few cake truffles (or balls, as I lovingly refer to them) and I think I've had three so far today. Can't promise I won't have more.

2. Indulge on the Savory Side - I've decided on a menu of Celery Soup (one of Pat's Failures of the Week) and Paula Deen's Tuna Burgers.

This should do the trick.

I'm currently ignoring the third option of time at the gym. I don't think shaking the cake around is the best idea right now.


Evan said...

I woke up feeling a bit like my brain was crystallizing into sugar. Seeing the mess of red fondant brought back the sugar headache a bit. On the plus side, I'm naturally fighting aging by filling in fine lines with fat.

The Empress said...

It's a shame that fondant doesn't taste good, mostly because cake decorators seem to be so in love with it. Those truffles look to die for. It's also a shame cake doesn't mail well.