Saturday, January 26, 2008

a day in the life

i have much to do today, so instead of doing it, i'm going to blog about it. then do it.

so, i started by snoozing the alarm clock (that is across the apartment from my bed) for an hour in ten minute increments. that was wonderfully lovely.

to continue the lovely, i did the 45 minute dvd kettlebell circuit with this lady:

the only disappointment with the workout is that sarah lurie (pictured) must have aged and lost all cuteness that they helped her out with for the promo pics. i thought they had replaced her entirely, but apparently she just misplaced her cute. i'm hoping she finds it by volume 2 of the kettlebell revolution. :)

now that i've done the workout thing, i should get to work reading these things:


(student papers)

(ugh, so many essays)

also - i'd like to take advantage of this:

good luck to me.'s only 10:30, right? i'm totally fine. : )

Saturday, January 19, 2008

apparently i like to make lists

because i pulled up the blog today for the express purpose of making a list. so here goes...

things in which i must invest in the year 2008:
1. bath tub drain plug (i read quite well in the tub and should probably take advantage of the distraction free environment when trying to read dull, mind-numbing literature.)
2. another blanket for the bed OR some really heavenly pajamas (i'm warm enough for the time being in my subpar pajamas and sheet/duvet/fleece combo, but i'm determined to save money on heat this winter and i'm told things will only get worse.)
3. practical groceries (i need to be able to survive if i get snowed in. on this point, i will not negotiate.)
4. a personal reader/writer (this person must be able to complete all readings and homework assignments in an orderly fashion, preferably be able to pass for me in the classroom and remove all stress, boredom from my life. inquire within.)
5. some sort of 30 minute abs workout program (ideally, said program would take only 5 minutes, but i want to emerge with janet jackson like abs, so i'm half willing to commit.)
6. can i just modify number 4 to be a full body/mind double? (said double could do all the things that i might not feel like doing. like, say, for instance, dinner tonight. blah.)

more listing later, i'm sure. i'm going to attempt to read outside of the tub.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

home sweet orono

so, i've been back in the lovely state of maine for about twenty-one hours. in those twenty-one hours i have:

+ unpacked
+ tidied the apartment
+ reorganized bookshelf to allow for the coming semester's books
+ cleaned out refrigerator and cabinets to reflect the new amanda's consideration for health
+ made three separate, heavy laden trips to the dumpster
+ paid a surprisingly reasonable electricity bill
+ bought over 100 dollars worth of groceries, this being the first time i have ever spent that much grocery shopping for myself
+ paid too much for gorgeously presented "professional" eye makeup remover, largely because of the gorgeous presentation
+ learned the proper form to use when turning my body into a "fat burning machine" with the kettlebell
+ made my legs sore by practicing the proper form while doing squats with the kettlebell

still to do (things i have not done):

- vacuum apartment
- mop/scrub linoleum areas
- plan jack the ripper class, read materials for assignments
- un- and re- decorate office wall
- read for postscript to transgression class seems do-able, and hopefully it is. i'll keep you posted. i think i'm going to vaccuum and scrub now. apparently i watch ugly betty and grey's anatomy when i'm procrastinating. it's not my's my channel!