Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dunkin' & Deceivin': The Third Tier

I don't have a picture, sadly, but today I stepped up the coffee game.

I walked right in and asked the Dunkin' Donuts girl to fill my Starbucks coffee mug. Our conversation was... expectedly awkward.

Me: "Hi, can I have a coffee with skim milk and sugar?"

Her: "What size?"

Me: "Can I get it in this mug?"

Her: "Oh. Okay."

At this point she fumbled the lid and kind of shot it across the counter. Next time I'll make it easy on them and handle the lid myself. Beginner's mistake.

Her: "Starbucks, ay?"

Me: "Yeah. Your coffee is better."

Her: "Oh. I don't like coffee."

Me: "Fair enough."

We then had a short reprieve while she poured the coffee. Our conversation resumed while we waited for the cash register to do its thing.

Her: "So, do they like write your order on here and then wipe it off?"

Me: "Honestly, I've never used the mug at a Starbucks."

Her: "Oh."

The cash register drawer opened up at this point and the girl slammed it shut again with her hip.

Her: "Have a good day."

Me: "Thanks, you too!"

That conversation will go down as one of my favorite Maine interactions. Nothing particularly Maine about it except, well, everything.

Here's the coffee kicker though. My roommate wasn't in the mood for the Starbucks atmosphere today, so I drank Dunkin' Donuts coffee from a Starbucks mug while sitting in the Border's cafe.


m said...

excellent. way to cheat the system.

kmari03 said...

You're such a rebel?

coffeefiend said...


decidedly awkward situation

and who the hell doesnt like coffee?