Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Ode to Soy Milk

I love love love soy milk.

When I first became lactose intolerant, I tried to have soy milk with my cereal and I just couldn't do it. As much as I love the creamy goodness of soy milk, I just see it as its own treat. So I very rarely buy soy milk for myself.

I usually only have soy at... Starbucks. If you've been paying attention, you know that I am no longer purchasing Starbucks coffee. And now I miss soy!

Well... I did. I bought myself a 1/2 gallon of Light Vanilla Soy Milk the other day. Since then I've been trying to create an at-home soy latte without the benefits of an espresso machine or foamer. I've been using instant espresso and just kind of heating the soy milk on the stove.

It's... okay.

Last night I made soy hot cocoa and it was so decadent and lovely. But hot cocoa has so much sugar in it.

So what's a girl to do?! I love soy milk and drinking it cold is fine, but I want to be able to make amazing hot drinks that I can pour into my thermos and tote to campus.

Do you guys have any suggestions?! I need help!


Kate said...

I wish I did. I would say to use it in tea, but you've already told me you're not so big on the tea. Sometimes I use it when I make macaroni, but that's really not helpful for you.
What about chai?

jess said...

invest in a cappuccino machine.
seriously. do it.
then you get the frothy milk steamer thing, and you can make your own real espresso... wait... did i answer the question? or did i reinforce an existing option? i'm really out of it. but that's my suggestion.

kmari03 said...

Make extra-rich cocoa and then do 1/4 part cocoa with 3/4 part coffee. That's what we do at Cyd's Sunday dinner and it's awesome, it's like coffee with chocolate soy creamer. I doubt it would solve the problem every day, but it's a nice compromise for the time being.

Elissa @ 17 and Baking said...

I too love soy milk!
I like hot chocolate with soymilk using melted chocolate/cocoa, cinnamon, and cayenne. I've also seen people heat up milk and stir in matcha powder for a sort of hot green tea.

Hilary said...

Oh dear, I'm no help. I love vanilla soy milk to drink cold, but I HATE it in coffee. The chai idea is a great one. And I'd buy the cappuccino maker too. Knock yourself out.

Amanda said...

You guys have given me some great options! I think I'm going to try each of them in turn.

Keep the suggestions rolling!

*Also... I might just start pricing fancy machines. For, you know, when I have a job.*

Becky said...

I'm a soy lover too - and now I can only have the kids Very Vanilla :) the normal vanilla isn't as tasty!

Amanda said...

Becky: I thought about getting the Very Vanilla but then I decided against it. I'm glad I did, I'm not ready to be that fenced in yet and I just know I would be wooed by the goodness.

penelope said...

Heat the soymilk and insert a Braun shake mixer and blend with the blender at an angle in order to get air in the milk. You can also put the heated soymilk in the blender and get great foam. I promise you will get the foam you are looking for. I do this for large gatherings and make 40-50 at a time.