Friday, April 10, 2009

THE Pound Cake

It feels rather silly to make one pound cake, fall in love with it, and refuse to try any other pound cake.

But... that's kinda what I did.

I needed to make pound cake for a couple of functions this weekend. Having never made a pound cake, I consulted the interwebs and found Nosh with Me, a fun blog about all sorts of kitchen goodness. The nosher reported excellent results with Paul's Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Pound Cake, so I thought I'd try that one out first. It also helped that I had all the ingredients in le pantry.

I followed the recipe exactly, so hit up Nosh with Me if you want to try this perfect pound cake yourself.

I said "exactly" but I actually used Chocolate/Caramel Swirled chips instead of just chocolate. Again, I was sticking to le pantry.

In the interest of full disclosure, the hardest parts of baking this pound cake were buttering and flouring the bundt pan and waiting for the silly thing to cool completely before turning the cake out. Curiosity was killin' my cat! However, since I've heard many horror stories about pound cake baking, I think I got off pretty easy.

I ate that very slice of cake, and it was everything that I want from a pound cake. It was soft, slightly moist, buttery, and the chips provided a little spike of contrast.

This is now my go-to pound cake recipe. I'm not saying I won't try a different recipe, but this one was so amazingly simple and surprisingly perfect that I don't feel the need to mess with it.

We'll see how it's received tomorrow, but the roommate and I give it two thumbs way up!


jess said...

ok so i haven't seriously craved things that i can't eat in a while... but you just broke my streak.


looks great, mamba!

kmari03 said...

It just occurred to me that I'm kind of pissed that when I was your roommate, there was no baking...

The Empress said...

Oh man! I love a sour cream chocolate chip pound cake. I think the recipe I use is about 20 more pounds than yours though...and probably weighs about 25 pounds. Was your cake heavy? It looks light and fluffy and beautiful. And I'm thinking the caramel/chocolate chips were a good call.

Amanda said...

jess: Easy there. Well, I guess I won't be making this cake around you then.

kmari03: Haha... One can never plan a calling.

The Empress: The cake was really heavy, but the texture was lighter and more moist than I expected. So the cake was still dense like a pound cake, but very rewarding and rich.

Pamela said...

I made a bundt cake for Easter dessert: Black Magic Cake. Magically delicious.