Monday, April 13, 2009

Peanut Butter Apple Cookies

Let the record show that these are the most time-sensitive baked treat that I have ever encountered.

I was warned in Pennies on a Platter's recipe, but I just didn't believe that the effects of time could work so unbelievably quickly on a cookie. I mean... it's a cookie.

That's where I was wrong.

This is no ordinary cookie.

The peanut butter dough is exactly what a peanut butter cookie dough should be. I might... have... had some batter. And the apple chunks are warm and juicy after baking.

My classmates lurved these cookies for real. And, I encouraged them to have several since they have fiber-filled fruit intact!

In the end, Evan and I ended up eating a bunch of the leftovers as we walked from the class to our cars. It's a long walk and we needed nourishment. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Oh, and the time-sensitive bit: these cookies were best when they were warm just out of the oven. As soon as the cookies cool, they start to get a bit soggy from the apples. The next time I make these cookies, I'll be sure I have a group of hungry cookie munchers at the ready.


Kate said...

Those cookies were so amazing.

Evan said...

Some ways around the sogginess: apple butter? Applesauce? Pureed apples?

The Empress said...

I'm glad you shared that extra information about serving them fresh. I don't often do apples and would never have known.

Also I like the idea of these because they're like pineapple upside down cake in that they contain fruit and you can pretend they're good for you. Maybe I'll make them soon.

Amanda said...

My only concerns about a pureed, buttered, sauced apple would be that the cookie would just be an apple peanut butter cookie. Does that make any sense to anyone but me? :)

Amber said...

OMG I wanna be an amazing adventurous cook like you! In due time, in due time.