Monday, April 6, 2009

Red Sox Opening Day! Almost.

Well... this post is anticlimactic.

Today was supposed to be the Red Sox's Opening Day. They were supposed to play Tampa Bay at 2:00pm and we were supposed to have a viewing party at Evan's house. My cupcakes were supposed to steal the show.

I guess my cupcakes still stole the show, but really, what kind of competition does Neville Hall provide on a Monday?

I started with an uninspired red velvet cake and a batch of white velvet cake divided, half blue. I wanted stripes since stripes are oh-so-baseball, but the white velvet batter was far too thick for zebra striping. What I ended up doing was sneaking blobs of white and blue into each red velvet cupcake. Like a surprise.

Here are some in various stages of scoopedness...

and here is one baked and split.

Cute, no?

Anyway, I set off to redeem myself as a competent wielder of fondant with these Red Sox cupcakes. I knew the basic gist of the Boston B, so I figured I would ever-so-simply whip out about 24 of those B's and be done.

Oy vey. If you haven't tried to cut a Boston B out of fondant with only the most basic fondant skills and tools, then you'll just have to believe me when I tell you that this is easier said than done. I managed to cut out 4 successful Boston Bs before I switched over to the hanging socks. Sox? I don't know...

This is how the whole team turned out.

My colleagues assured me that I am now slightly compotent when it comes to fondant. The socks were a big hit and the cupcakes were all gone by 1:00pm.

However, the Red Sox game was postponed to Tuesday at 4pm because of the threat of rain. It was sunny here! 22 cupcakes went to campus today and another 10 will go to the postponed viewing party tomorrow.


Now for a brief digression. You might have noticed that my computer died on Friday. It didn't ever come back. We had a brief moment of hope on Saturday, but even that was fleeting and really just a tease. So... I did what any good blogger would do. I gave my trusty laptop a big squeeze for all its hard work in the past and I let it go.

I turned to baking to help me destress, and I realized that though I lift weights and play racquetball, my right arm gets quite a workout mixing some of the more stiff batters.

Look at that tension! There is no flab there!

Like a kharmic slap in the face, my mixer gave up the ghost as I was finishing the icing for the Red Sox cupcakes. So, I did what any good baker would do. I kissed my ever loyal and blissfully cheap handmixer and I let it go.

And then I realized, maybe it's not so normal to hug a crashed laptop or kiss a handmixer that smells that burning plastic.

So what do you think? Do you feel a little bit sad when an appliance or electronic kicks the bucket? Is it just me?!


Evan said...

Who doesn't feel sad when these things happen? It's like a little part of your life just died. I know that I almost had a memorial service when my desktop of nearly a decade kicked the bucket.

The Empress said...

I feel so sad that sometimes I even cry. No, usually I cry and sometimes I cry twice - once in frustration because the appliance isn't working and then again when I realize it's really just dead and I can do nothing but accept that.

I think your cupcakes are brilliant with their multicolored insides.

kmari03 said...

That picture of you hugging your laptop is adorable.

I don't get too worked up over electronics. Furniture on the other hand, yes. When I was little, I wrote an entire series of stories called "Furniture Fables" because I was worried about the furniture when it was all alone.

Anonymous said...

Cute cupcakes!

And yes I feel sad when my electrical appliance die - none have lately though.

I also feel sad when my pens die.

jess said...

can i just tell you that katie black is going to flip her lid when she sees these boston cupcakes. they look great!

Amanda said...

Evan & Empress: I'm glad you share my appliance/electronic bond.

Kmari03 & RedDear: Furniture and Pens. I love it. Now you've just given me something else to get attached to. :) I do think I'll miss my office when I leave Maine. Does that count?

Jess: Then show her already! I've always wanted to flip Katie Black's lid. o_O

jess said...

i showed her.
she flipped.
and then she said, "i'm so excited she loves the red sox!" and then she said something about your cupcake talent... i forget.

i also showed renae and meg and they asked when you were coming to visit and make us some cupcakes. ???

i'd rather just come visit you in Maine... then i can have you all to myself. woo!

Hilary said...

Oh my goodness, that is so adorable! I was a big Red Sox fan as a kid because someone once gave me their cap. Even though I lived in Canada, didn't know anything about baseball, and didn't care.

Computer trouble is the worst, especially for a blogger. When it happens to me I regress and throw a tantrum worthy of a two year old.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Wow you have bad luck with electronics! I haven't kissed any lately, but I also haven't had any die on me either! Geez! lol ;P

Those cupcakes look AWESOME! And I like the socks better than the B's anyway! ;)

Amanda said...

Jess: Someone needs to make you guys cupcakes!

Hilary: Haha. Maybe a tantrum over the laptop would have intimidated the handmixer into minding its "p"s and "q"s. :)

HTEAC: Let's just say that it was not a good weekend to be an electronic in my vicinity. Oops!

LP said...

If you find some sort of hand mixer outlet store, let me know! My close friend's hand mixer might be the evil twin of your recently deceased, and I'd like to help her get a new one!