Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gingerbread Pear Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Icing

Disclaimer: I made these cupcakes wearing my pajamas in the wee hours (think 8am) of Sunday morning. I was out late Saturday. It happens. I do think that the grogginess inspired me to do new and interesting things with the camera though.

I made these pear gingerbread cupcakes for an audience of hardworking graduate students. This audience didn't worry me nearly as much as the Strawberry-on-Strawberry audience because I am quite used to feeding these graduate types.

And look how little there is to mess up!

That's not just a few of the ingredients there - that's all of them. I. know.

I did have a bit of fruit work to get out of the way, but as far as fruit goes...

pears aren't too bad.

Then it was just a hop,


and a jump until I had a Pear Gingerbread Cupcake with Creamy Lemon Icing.

Or... 14 of them to be precise. I sprinkled just a hint of (easter) green sugar on the cuppies to make a nod towards their pear enclosures.

And, I have to be honest with you, I only had a bite of one of these cupcakes. The gingerbread flavor was nice and the texture was fantastic and moist, but I would have to eat a whole cupcake to be able to say more than that.

I do know that they went over so well with the four grads that they happily divided the leftovers and took them home. Success.

And that concludes my three cupcake weekend tribute to The Cake Mix Doctor. Have I persuaded you to buy her cookbook yet? JSYK, it's only $10.17 on Amazon right now. :)


jess said...

if i ate cake, i would buy the book.
i'm absolutely convinced.

and maybe if i had an oven that worked... i'm sure my friends would appreciate it.

Elissa @ 17 and Baking said...

That last picture with the perfectly smooth frosting on top... that looks delicious!

Evan said...

I'm not sure I can ever bake my own cupcake again. You've spoiled me. Also, I can speak to the pear-gingerbread cupcakes, and they were fantastic. They were as moist as you said, and the icing was nice and light. Well done.

thereddeer said...

Hmm gingerbread and pear - I never would of though to combine the two. Glad they worked out for you.

The Empress said...

I'm so tempted by this book, but I just can't justify it yet. Maybe someday. I have too many cookbooks that I never use. When I start using those I will think about getting this one.

coffeefiend said...

your hot when you cook

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

<3 that book! The cookie dough cupcakes are THE BEST if you haven't tried them yet. If you do, check the recipe I used for the cookie dough frosting. It's freakin insane!

Amanda said...

jess: You can always read mine. :)

Elissa: Thanks...again, the grogginess... I think it worked for me in a weird way.

Evan: Says the man who brought Cake Mix Doctor muffins into the office today.

Red Deer: I didn't think of it either! :)

Empress: Since when is pure happiness not justification enough?

CoffeeFiend: Try to control yourself.

HTEAC: I'm on it. I've been wanting to make some of the no egg cookie dough...

Evan said...

There is a distinct difference between cupcakes and muffins, even though the Cake Mix Doctor calls them "breakfast cupcakes." I maintain that healthy distance.