Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Asparagus: Not Just for Roasting

Today a friend called in need of a favor. I helped him out and in return, he bought me some asparagus. I have plans to make Simply Recipe's Asparagus with Lime and Mint, but I didn't want that tonight for some reason.

Tonight I wanted eggs.

So here's what I did. I started by cutting three pieces of asparagus to manageable lengths. And, by the way, I lurve chopping vegetables. (I know. Veg = good. Fruit = bad. I don't get it either.)

Anyway, I threw those into a bit of hot EVOO in a small skillet. This being my first experience cooking asparagus, I poked and prodded at the green monsters until I decided they were appropriately tender.

Once I was satisfied with the browning tenderness of the asparagus, I turned the heat down to medium and added two eggs, prepared in my usual scramble way (salt, pepper, splash of milk, lightly beaten). While the eggs set a little, I tore up a slice-o-cheese product and dropped it in. I cannot tell you in words how magical this makes scrambled eggs.

After a very quick but slow scramble, I dumped the whole bazzoo into a bowl, took one final poorly lit picture, and chowed down.

It was... fantastic.

I highly recommend it. Like, right now. Go!

Oh, wait! Before you go, I want to know how you prepare asparagus. I'm going to try the lime + mint thing, but I don't think I'll make up a whole bunch that way. What else should I do with these spears of vegetable goodness?


The Empress said...

Extra bonus points for your use of EVOO even if I detest Rachael Ray.

Asparagus (steamed) with hollandaise is always how my mother made it, but you know I've only had it once and that was roasted with seared tuna (a la Chef S), which I highly recommend, but I know is kind of a lot to ask. And my mother made her hollandaise from a mix packet, so I don't have any neat tricks to pass on, sadly.

kmari03 said...

I LOVE cheap cheese slices with eggs. It is the perfect pairing.

I make asparagus and tomatoes using the recipe on the back of the Near East Parmesan couscous. It is awesome.

Rachel said...

Amanda, that looks scrumptious. Now I'm craving asparagus (and eggs!). Mmmm. I'm also cursing my decision to go back to veganism. Of course, I'm allowing myself one cheat day a week (typical - I'm so noncommittal), so maybe I'll make those eggs on this week's cheat day. :)

(PS- I have a blog now, too. I guess I caught the blogging virus. It's highly contagious. However, I have no idea how to change the layout other than playing with the color scheme, so my blog looks pretty sad right now.)

Evan said...

So, what kind of favor nets one fresh vegetables, and where can I sign up?

Amanda said...

Empress: I love Rachael Ray because of her amazingly tasty recipes. And... I might even enjoy her personality.

kmari03: Mmm... I'll have to pick up some of this couscous. I think I've only failed at couscous, but maybe my luck has changed!

Rachel: I love the idea of cheating on veganism! I think it removes the pretension from the thing. :) And... you know... let's you eat eggs and cheese.

Evan: Just a ride from the mechanic's to the grocery store. I think the grocery store is the important bit though.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Omg we've been buying TONS of asparagus lately. I always either grill them or broil them, but this looks fantastic. If only I could bring myself to eat that many eggs! I hate eggs! Lol ;P I can only eat them if I have tons of ketchup on hand.

Amanda said...

HTEAC: I used to be a strictly ketchup and egg girl until the Pioneer Woman told me how to scramble eggs properly. I took her process and... you know... changed everything else. Now I'm in love!