Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Word on Wigs

I love wigs very much.

Today I bought this one at Target for $7.99. Don't even try to tell me this wig isn't worth $7.99 because it totally is.

Just because I love making fun of myself, watch this.

Hey, Fiercehair, what's the square root of 1,849?

Ha! That will keep her busy for a while.

I also have a sad Dunkin update for you: Splenda is not okay in a medium coffee with skim milk. I tried. I couldn't drink it. It sat beside me and my computer in Starbucks today, but I ended up pouring it out when I got home. Back to sugar for me!

For those of you worried about the square root of 1,849, it's 43.

Happy Sunday! And for the love of all that's good, try on a wig, would you?


kmari03 said...

That second picture is amazing. You look almost like a a cool way.

And, yes, I WAS worried. Thank goodness you cleared that up so I wouldn't have to do MATH before I could comment or something...

The Empress said...

Happy Sunday indeed.

I would like a wig in pink. I could wear it while I vacuum (thanks spell check).

The Empress said...

And by vacuum, I mean my future carpet. Because I will have carpet again someday.

Evan said...

I particularly like the way your new wig matches your new blog scheme. Well done!

A. Fiercehair said...

kmari03: touche.