Tuesday, March 17, 2009

F.A.Q.s on the New Header

1. Is this your real kitchen?

Indeed! This is where the magic happens. Please take note of the massive counter space. In all fairness, I do have a kitchen table that serves as my workspace when cooking, baking, neighbor-watching, and so forth.

2. Is the clock on the far left right?

Not even a little bit. When the giant icicles just outside that window fell during one of the big thaws, that clock was thrown from the wall. The hour hand broke loose of... something... and now it always hangs somewhere between six and seven PM. My roommate and I like to joke about the fact that "it's 6:30 now..." but I guess you have to be here.

3. Could you seriously not be bothered to do the dishes before you took the picture.

No. I couldn't. But notice that they are all red. The color scheme holds.

4. What's in the plastic bag on top of the counter cabinet?

Good question. Glassware that I have not unpacked from my last apartment. Among other things, I have glass swizzle sticks with multicolored roosters on top in that bag. I should really pull that bag down, I guess. Never know when I might want those.

5. Don't you know that spices shouldn't be stored on top of the stove?

Yes. I do.

And it worries me every day. I wish I could say that I were joking. I honestly think about the fact that we should move those spices at least once a day.

6. Don't you have a paper to be writing?

I hate you. Also, shut up.


Evan said...

I'm really very fond of your kitchen. The black wire "pantry" is so cute! And, it may be my sleepy state, but I spent far too long (nigh on 45 seconds) looking for the "plastic bag" on the "counter," just to realize it was on the cabinets. Oh, and, A., don't you have a paper to be writing?

kmari03 said...


The Empress said...

This is probably my favorite entry you've ever written. I laughed for ages.

But that might be because I'm going a little bit crazy because of my stupid wordpress disaster. You'd think it would be so very simple to change the header image, but no.

A. Fiercehair said...

Really, Empress? Maybe I should read it again... :)

LP said...

Rad new blog layout! I think you need a spice rack? Hmmm...maybe for our birthday...! LOL

Melody said...

Very cute kitchen. I love the green wall and red plates.

A. Fiercehair said...

LP: Haha. Hopefully someone will take the hint around June. Maybe I'll just buy you a spice rack for your birthday and "forget" to give it to you. :) Would that make me crazy?

Melody: Thanks! I inherited the green wall from the previous tenants but my kitchen colors have always been black, white, and red.

Evan said...

I know it's a little late, but I just mistook the "T" in "Teaching" for an "R." Somehow, I feel like "Reaching" is much more Maine-appropriate.