Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Married Shmarried

Why do married people get all the perks?

I'm not talking about legal rights, hospital visitation, or tax breaks; I'm talking about the important stuff. The stuff.

Why is it that engaged couples get at least one bridal shower thrown for them at which they receive (according to their own admissions) more housewares than they ever thought they needed? Towels and oven mitts and kitchen utensils and bath mats and matching toilet toupees. Toasters and cookbooks and wine racks and scented candles that play songs. Hand knit doilies and monogrammed everythings. Why? And why are bridal showers one of the few places were is acceptable, even requested, for the recipient to demand certain gifts? And not just gifts, the colors of the gifts. The size of the gifts. The number of cranberry red hand towels with mulberry toned accents! Why?!

Is it something about the joining of two lives into one? Does it have to do with the fact that people don't start cooking until they say "I do"? Or maybe it's the movement from child to adult: you know, move out of your parents house and into your husbands', that sort of thing. Oh, you know what? The showers probably are just meant to praise the happy couple for their upcoming union and reinforce the fact that single people aren't yet fully developed and therefore, without any need for home (much less kitchen) supplies.

Well, I reject that.

All of it.

I'm not going to deny married and engaged people their fun, but I'm also not going to refuse myself the very same fun.

I want a party. Maybe I want several. One from my family (my mother has already graciously offered to host). One from my work friends since they won't know my family and will want to throw their own thing. One from my out-of-state friends that will be less of a party and more of a since-you're-here-you-might-as-well-open-this thing. And, of course, I'd like some things to arrive in the mail with the deepest regrets from those unable to attend the festivities.

I'm not registered yet, but I'll give you deep-pocketed bloggers a first look at some of the things you can expect to find on my list. And, if at any point you find my list odd, just know that I had a friend register for and receive a Playstation console on his bridal registry. Apparently nothing is off limits.

1. Martha Stewart's China

All patterns are made to look gorgeous mixed together. Go nuts.

2. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

On this I will have to be clear. I will accept no color other than this purple. I need one only.

3. Kitchen Aid Mixer Attachments

I'll need all of them eventually. Just look at them! Okay... maybe not the sausage stuffer. But... then again... yes, I'd like one of those too.

4. Gift Certificate for Wilton Cake Decorating Class

I've heard they're the best.

5. This Kitchen Timer

No, I don't know where you can buy it. That's your job.

6. MacBook Earth

I'm sure people who are smarter about computers (coffeefiend? Big E?) can tell me whether this request is a good one, but I want a Macbook. Whether or not that MacBook is green is negotiable, but I figure why not. And... the picture is cute. And... Al Gore's son did almost die in a pedestrian accident.

(Okay, I know the MacBook Earth is a joke. But it's still a cute one. And... if I got rid of the picture then I wouldn't have a good setup for the Gore bit.)

7. The L Word Season Six DVD

Come on... you know you want to complete the set.

Speaking of that L Word, I'm going to stop listing gifts I won't receive and watch episode 6 instead. I hope Jenny dies.

Oh no... am I the killer?!


coffeefiend said...

MacBooks are totally rad. I talk a lot of smack about only because I'm jealous. And on princible because I hate that smarmy, greasy, American Apparel hoodie wearing Mac commercial guy.

C'mon now fiercehair, don't register for gay china plates and cookware. From me you're getting a nice elegant handle of Aristocrat Vodka. Is it possible to register at liquor stores?

PS. Marry me?

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

I want one of these parties too!!

The Empress said...

I did not even know the mixer came in that color!!! I love it!

I tried to register for Christmas and my Birthday, but people just weren't into the idea of housewares as gifts. What is the matter with everyone?

The Empress said...

Also, I have a macbook and love it beyond belief.

Me! said...

I agree. I want one of those parties too. I think married people get the stuff as a pity thing. It's like sending a get well card to someone who has the flu only getting married is so much worse than the flu. Good luck with your party! Make sure to post about it so that we can all have one too.

A. Fiercehair said...

Me!: I love that you just compared marriage to the flu. My thought exactly. :)