Monday, March 30, 2009

Good News & Bad News

Good News: Our team won bar trivia tonight. The Queue Continuum nearly paid off our tab with the winnings!

(Side Note: Extra points to anyone who can figure out the reference in our team name.)

Bad News: As I feared would happen, my laptop card reader will not acknowledge the MicroSD that I bought for my phone. Seems it will be a bit longer before Amanda goes mobile.

But we still won bar trivia! And when it was all said and done, a nice lightly accented British man came over to our table and said, "Well done, ladies. You've beaten us by one point." K-Dog's brother took umbrage; the ladies thought it was funny.


Evan said...

Now I'm sad I missed out on it. Congratulations, though! And the team name is a reference to Star Trek: the Next Generation. I love Q (or Queue)!

Evan said...

Also, you'll have to let me see your card. I could probably get it to work; there's no reason a microSD shouldn't work in your computer.

Kate said...

Darn, Evan beat me. It is a reference to my childhood favorite schol, Star Trek: TNG!

Amanda said...

Wow, Star Trek wizzes! (Totally not the plural of wiz, but that's what I was going for.)

Last time we were just the Q Continuum, but this time I decided to assert my presence by including a cute pun. It worked!