Monday, March 2, 2009

Hasta con Pasta!

Since my landlords kindly refused to plow my parking lot and drive until just now (7pm), I've been snowed in all day. In all fairness, I wasn't dying to go out anyway. It snowed pretty seriously off and on, making for lovely driving conditions, I'm sure.

In order to keep cabin fever at bay, I had to have an activity today. And I believe you all remember that I don't want to see another cupcake for at least one week. So... I made homemade pasta.

Cute, right?

Pasta-making allowed me to work with a dough and a rolling pin. I was nervous at first, but I'm glad to report that pasta is sooooo much easier to work with than fondant. :) My arms aren't even sore!

That said, I think I did a few things wrong. Looking at this picture, I can see that I didn't knead my dough well enough or long enough.

I might have also been too light-handed with the flour in the dough but too heavy-handed with the flour when rolling. That's not surprising.

I made a bunch of fettuccine, just because it was easy, but I made some oddlings for my mid-pasta lunch break. Behold my attempt at orrichetti and something that resembles a packing peanut. The pasta was actually quite tasty. Who knew that AP flour and eggs could so easily morph into pasta?!

Well, I know now. And I'm now out of flour. But I have a full container of dried fettuccine in the refrigerator.

And... with that, I survived the first real day of Spring Break.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to devote my full attention to Jeopardy! and the Bachelor finale. It's kind of a big night.


The Empress said...

I've wanted to make pasta for ages now. But I have no rolling pin : (

Evan said...

I've always avoided pasta because of the horror stories about making it. Perhaps I should try it. Also, methinks you need another hobby. If you'd like to learn to train cats, you can borrow mine for a few weeks.

A. Fiercehair said...

No cat training for me, but I think I'm going to go back to my initial desire to learn tarot. Might as well collect hobbies!