Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank God for Fall Break

Alright, I promised details of the UMaine M.A. in English Comprehensive Exam so here they are. In bullet and picture form.

+ 30 text reading list (top shelf)

+ soothing craft to do the night before the exam (it's a necklace. of buttons. does this cement my quirky teacher persona once and for all?)

+ Essay 1: Tigger swirled yogurt, Paradise Lost, Phillis Wheatley, religious content's influence on literary form

+ Essay 2: gay M&Ms, the Wife of Bath, Aurora Leigh, Judith Butler's theory of gender performance

+ Essay 3: ice water, burnt Dunkin Donuts coffee (large disappointment), New Negro anthology, part's importance to the whole

+ Essay 4: vanilla chai tea (thanks, Beth!), Mary Rowlandson's captivity narrative, Frank O'Hara's poetry, Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony, and the notion of literary national history

As you can see, the exam was obnoxious and not something I'd care to repeat but it's done. I'll know in three weeks whether I passed or not.

Ugh. And, in order to reestablish my life as my own, I'm baking cupcakes as I type.

I may also cruise the Columbus Day sales. Just for kicks.

I should be back to normal by 10am Wednesday. Let's hope. :)


LP said...

This is funny stuff! Can't wait to check it out more...thanks for the coffee break.

The Empress said...

Argh, I have been so remiss in my commenting! How did I let this happen??

I LOVE that necklace. And your prideful mnms.