Thursday, October 16, 2008

Five Bites

There is nothing more exciting than a new diet. For some reason, I absolutely love starting diets. Starting is fun! Starting is exciting! Starting is distracting! And new! (And not schoolwork!)

I've started more diets than I care to admit, and I actually do know what works. However, I'm not returning to what works today. Today I'm starting a new diet. :)

My roommate and I were talking about how we were going to revolutionize our lives after the comprehensive exam was done, and part of our discussion included brainstorming diets. I googled "fun diets" and if you want a laugh, go ahead and try that. According to the interweb, there is probably no such thing as a fun diet. What these sites don't account for is that ALL diets are fun the first few days. Still...I didn't want to do something ridiculous like cut out carbs. Or stop cooking. Or eat from boxes. Or restrict myself to things than can be juiced. The search continued.

In discussing all this with my mother, she mentioned the Five Bite diet. Usually the Five Bite diet is followed by people who have had weight loss surgery and lost a considerable amount, if not all, of their stomachs. I've always believed that if one could hold him or herself to the post-weight loss diet guidelines, then these diets wouldn't be as frequent. However, you can imagine how hard it would be to dramatically reduce consumption to the Five Bite diet if, in fact, five bites do not create a feeling of fullness.

So...a fun diet! Right?

I think so.

Allow me to explain. Each meal is limited to only five bites. Five bites of anything, but only five bites. Because five bites only gives so much food and nutrition, the Five Bite diet grants 4 meals a day rather than the All-American big three.

I'm sure you can already guess my first problem: A cupcake is a glorious seven bites. At least how I bite it.

But, this will only help me stick to the test-to-make-sure-it-isn't-offensive cupcake that I share with my roommate. At only three bites, the half cupcake will leave me two bites to use on...chicken or broccoli, or I don't know, I'll have to work on that.

Having finished the last of my Gifford's trial flavor (Peanut Butter Cookie Dough) last night, the Five Bite diet commenced this morning.

Let's just observe how much five bites of Count Chocula will give you:

That is not much cereal. And, yes, I know that Count Chocula is not the best cereal, but I was feeling very nostalgic the other day when I saw it in the grocery store for about a dollar. Yay, IGA! Anyway, I used soy milk, so at least I got a tiny punch of protein.

So far I'm feeling good. The cereal was wonderfully tasty and a clear reduction from my usual bowl.

I'll let you know how long the new diet buzz lasts. I know it can't be long...

Update: In my blog perusals today, I found out that yesterday was National Organization for Women's Love Your Body Day. Ha...apparently I missed out on that. What a perfect precursor to an absurdly restrictive diet!

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The Empress said...

Psh, was the NOW going to tell us about this holiday or were we just supposed to stumble across it all serendipity like?