Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tango to Hell

The Tango Maureen is stuck in my head.

My 6:02am alarm did not go off this morning.

I have 5 student papers to grade. If any one of them fails, then I will have failed more students than I passed. Again.

I cleaned my room this weekend, but I just awkwardly found a cobweb while lying on my floor meditating.

I meditate.

I woke this morning to a text from my sister. She wanted me to pray for her accounting test. She sent her text at 8:54am.

My roommate brought me coffee and a blueberry cream cheese bagel at work today.

I made myself look like an idiot while sitting cross-legged in the presence of two faculty. The sitting had not much to do with it.

One of my students informed me of the fact that I am 'killing' him.

My comprehensive exam begins in 60 hours and 6 minutes.

I'm reading a book called Madapple. And a Churchill play called Vinegar Tom.

I need to read the cliffnotes on Ceremony.

On my calendar, Marilyn Monroe is looking at a calendar.

Yesterday I made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Today I didn't eat them.

My comprehensive exam will be over in 108 hours and 2 minutes.

This post will be over right now.

At least I'll have tangoed at all.

1 comment:

The Empress said...

This was brilliant. Seriously.

I'm sending good juju your way for your comps. not that you need it, but a little ego fluffing never hurt anyone.

pumpkin cupcakes indeed.