Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday I received two letters in the mail. TWO!

I haven't received an honest letter in months. Perhaps not even since I've moved. My mom is quite good about sending cards with little notes and drawings on the envelopes, but letters are a totally different level of personal communication.

I so excited pulled them out of the mailbox to find two different gorgeous handwritings. Both of which I immediately identified. I had never noticed the similarities between my sister's and the Empress' handwritings, but now that I look at them again, it's really uncanny. I wish I could post them side-by-side but that would involve divulging more information than I care to on the interweb.

Anyway, two letters. The similarities, my friends, do not end there. Both ladies wrote me on lovely stationery. True to her nature, the Empress wrote on paisely, gold-embossed paper with a matching sedate, paisely-lined envelope. My sister chose a minimalist black, white and red leaf-patterned note in a crisp white envelope.

Here's the kicker, both letters contained enclosures. And . . . wait for it . . . both enclosures spoke directly to my rather obsessive baking habit. The Empress sent a magazine article on "Canine Cutie Cupcakes" that I'm excited to try out. Don't worry, the cupcakes are for people, they just look like dogs. :) And my sister wrote me up for "Excessive Baking" on one of her Office of Safety and Security citations at work. Seems I was misusing my "License to Bake" permit. My own sister even wrote in the fine. A wopping $35 for sharing my cupcake wealth with the world! The nerve!

Anyway, as you can see, I got too excited about my letters yesterday. I think I need to pull out my neglected stationery and write some letters of my own.

P. S. - True to form, I tried to scan some of my letters and enclosures for blog reasons, only to find that I unwittingly removed the scanning software from my laptop. Of course.

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The Empress said...

I'm SO glad it came this time. I feared there wasn't enough adorable postage on it.

: )