Friday, October 17, 2008

I won't say that I quit...

but I'm not continuing the Five Bite Diet. As predicted, it was fun at the start, but today (Day 2) was just too much.

My buzz started to wear off when I couldn't even finish a small thing of yogurt for breakfast. For lunch, I created a mixture of salmon, salsa, and cheese to maximize the protein of a five bite lunch. Even then...I was still hungry.

So, I considered it a lesson learned, and had a bit more of my salmon concoction. Oh well! :)

And...since my roommate and I have 5 spotty bananas that we aren't going to eat as is, I tried a new Banana Oat Muffin recipe I found online. To really mix things up, I baked the muffins in the new super sweet flower shaped cupcake tin my mom sent me this week.

Cute, right? This tin is going to make some spectacular cupcakes. I'm seeing some nice colored petals with yellow centers. I'll post those cupcakes when they happen, of course.

In other news, I couldn't be more pleased to have reached the weekend. I've been dragging since the comp exam, so I'm hoping to catch up on both rest and work over the next couple of days.

My plan for the night is to stay on this couch, watch a movie, and perhaps even eat something!

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The Empress said...

You know, I was thinking about your five bite diet and wondering if you would get starving. After all, without any staples in your stomach to help it feel full, how are five bites really going to feel? And with only 4 meals a day can you actually get all the nutrition you need? Like how regulated did those bites have to be in order to accomodate your food groups?

My head wanted to explode just scheming ways to take those bites. It sounds like a good challenge for a little while though. I feel like a new "diet" is always a good thing to try because you never know what kind of great habit you might find that you really like. For example, I never would have tried whole wheat pasta or even tried to form meals not containing carbs at all if it weren't for that whole atkins/south beach craze.

er, anyway. kudos for a well conducted experiment. I'll be sitting that one out I think.