Thursday, October 16, 2008

Five Bites (Day 1)

I'm pleased to report that I survived the first day of my Five Bite diet. And, surprisingly, I'm not hungry.

Here -- because you can't pretend you aren't interested -- is my lunch. One egg + a bit of salsa & shredded cheddar cheese.

This is lupper. (Between lunch and supper, duh.) No real explanation necessary.

And this is dinner. I took one bite before I took the picture, but you can imagine what that bite looked like. In the end, the bites were too big and I cut off part of the last one. So, I ended up eating almost a full piece of pizza. And before you get judge-y, I made this pizza myself earlier this week with a ton of spinach and mushrooms and a whole wheat crust.

My observations so far:

- I don't need much more than five bites per meal, if any more at all.

- When I decided I was "hungry" and needed a snack, I moved on from that feeling by doing something else. Therefore, the snacking "hungry" is not a true hunger, and should probably be ignored.

- It is VERY hard for me to decide what to eat at any particular meal when I know that I can only have five bites total. Should I have a banana? That's quite a commitment... What about some yogurt? Again... a lot to sign on for.

- My groceries are going to last so much longer at this five bite pace. I'm going to need to start prioritizing based on expiration dates soon!

So, I'm still enjoying the new-ness of the Five Bite diet. However, I'm pleasantly surprised to be learning things about my own eating habits at the same time.

Onward and upward!

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The Empress said...

The possibilities always seem endless on the first day. But then it becomes so much WORK to eat by the rules and I lose all interest. It's just easier to eat the way I'm used to eating.

Which is why I want a nutritionist/chef. Then I could call down to the kitchen and say, " I want a chocolate snack" and my chef would bring me one and adjust dinner plans accordingly and it would all be nutrious and filling and still healthy and low fat/calorie/etc.