Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love Lockdown

Thanks to a friend's shameless display of her plastic shaded sunglasses, I have Love Lockdown playing on a loop in my head. In order to experience this post as I intend for you to, please play the video below while you read. If I get so long-winded that you finish the video, restart it. You get the idea.

Now that I've taken care of that, what can I say about today?

Well, I feel as if my life - and therefore my blog - has been carrying on like a three ring circus.

Maine winter.

H4H Project.

Current Obsessions, to include cupcakes and teaching.

So, allow me to hit each of the rings with dispatch.

Maine winter: This morning, our door frame was leaking quite steadily both on the inside and the outside of our door. Now, because we have another door down a set of 5 or 6 steps that actually goes to the outside, the landings on either side of the door are carpeted. Our apartment now smells a little bit musty, as you might imagine. Anyway, our landlord's response to this incessant dripping was to send a maintenance man up onto our roof with a snow shovel. I'm still trying to figure out how that helped.

H4H: I went shopping today. I didn't really mean to, but I needed to get out of Orono and Bangor was the best option. Must say that I look damn good. I bought one shirt, one dress, and a pair of unbelievable (in a bad way) earrings for a total of $15. This afternoon, I played racquetball and won.

Obsessions: The Cookies and Cream cupcakes were tasty, but not entirely successful due to the hue. And I think that Winter Oreos might be sneakily Double Stuffed. I'm a little embarrassed. And... I haven't prepared for tomorrow's class despite the fact that I had nothing to do today.

Keep your love locked down, your love locked down. Keepin' your love locked down, your love locked down...

Oh, and Grey's Anatomy comes on in a few minutes and I'm pitifully excited about that.

Now keep your love locked down, your love locked down. Now keep your love locked down, you lose.

Sing with me!


kmari03 said...

Oh goodness...Gray's Anatomy. We may need to discuss this weekly over the phone. I didn't know you were still watching. It's just....of course, I think you can guess my favorite part of the episode? Can you?

Also, I love the picture at the top of your blog. It makes me want to bake.

kmari03 said...

got it in one. and three, actually.