Friday, January 23, 2009

How I'll Know I'm Crazy

My mother loves greeting cards. Since I've moved to Maine, she has sent me a card about once a week. Every once in a while she will forget, or sometimes double up, but for the most part I get one card at some point each week.

Now... I don't think anyone could argue my mother's sense of humor. She's kooky. And, she loves to be silly and make people laugh. Recently, however, her cards have become a little bit more outside.

For example, last semester I got a card in the mail telling me how beautiful I looked at my ballet recital. That card came complete with little pink ribbon tied ballet flats. Then there was that Bat Mitzvah that my mother was just so darn proud of.

Today I think my mother really outdid herself. Take a look at this.

In case you can't read it, the card says, "As you celebrate the Bris of your little boy."

And the cartooned picture of Jerusalem could not (I repeat) could not be any more phallic. Just look at those stubby trees and rounded cylindrical buildings!

To top it all off, she's written on the inside as well. Just below the typed portion that reads, "May the very special milestone be an occasion of great happiness and joy. Mazel Tov" my mother has written the following:

"Ha! I've been waiting and somehow this just felt like the right time :) Have a great week!!!"

Hilarious? No doubt.

A little bit crazy? Yes.

Good one, Mom.

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The Empress said...

I do this to people all the time. Well, no. I usually just pick a birthday card with the wrong age on it to be funny. Sometimes the person thinks it's funny, sometimes they don't get it.