Monday, January 12, 2009

H for H Day 1

I weighed in today as scheduled. I won't tell you how much I weighed this morning, but I will tell you that I lost 1.5 pounds today. (1)

Now, now, I know I didn't really lose 1.5 pounds in a matter of hours. So... I've created a new rule for the H for H project. For myself, at least. My roommate doesn't have to comply with my craziness. Anyway... the new rule is that I can only weigh myself once a week. On Monday. In the morning. (5)

This way I won't get excited or let down by the daily fluctuation. And maybe it will increase the excitement over the big Monday reveals. I'll keep you posted!(2)

1 comment:

The Empress said...

I have heard that you are supposed to weigh at the same time of day each week too. But that could be an old wives tale.