Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Forgotten Cupcakes

I'm usually quite good (read: ridiculous) about keeping the blogworld up-to-date with my cupcake baking. Recently I fell off the wagon and made way too many cupcakes without even so much as a mention of them in the blog.

Without further ado, I'd like to offer this collection as a small peace offering.

Just before I left Maine for the holidays, I made Martha Stewart's Chocolate Espresso Snowcaps. They were wonderful and I am looking forward to making them again and placing them atop cupcakes. They're just that cute.

I took the snowcaps and Egg Nog cupcakes with Captain Morgan's Tattoo to the same party. Oddly, they did not really seem to be eaten. I think that tells me something about the state of Maine, not so much my baking prowess.

Now shift gears, if you will, to a significantly more southern clime. My holiday habitation allowed me to experiment with wildly out of season cupcakes. The first one pictured here is the tremendously successful Key Lime Pie cupcake with Coconut Meringue and Key Lime filling. Do not doubt the overwhelming goodness of this cupcake. I absolutely cannot wait to make this one again, but, alas, Maine temps in the teens and below do not call for this summery delight.

Now for a cupcake more seasonally appropriate. Since I've been in Maine, I've found myself drawn to southern fayre. Most notably, I've been dying for pecan pie. Until Christmas of this year, though, I had never even tried the stuff. Turns out that I love pecan pie. Go figure! Anyway, I made these pecan pie cupcakes around New Years and as it turns out, they were not my thing. The cake base is vanilla and I just don't really care for vanilla cake as a rule. At least not paired with pecans. So...I'll stick to the pie and let the cupcakes go. Lesson learned.

Finally, I offer you the Cookies and Cream cupcakes that I left my family with last week. They were wonderful, as expected. I would have given you a cross-section shot, but my camera and I are barely on speaking terms. This cupcake is loaded with Oreo goodness. Oreos, as God intended them, are not my fave, but baked into a cupcake they take on new goodness. I highly recommend this cupcake.

Cupcakes not pictured: Banana Caramel Towers, Caramel Apple, and Mocha Spice & Christmas tie dyes (reruns for Christmas festivities). Again... my camera and I... not friendly right now.

As you can see, I've been busy. I'm going to try to slow down with the baking this semester. Both my budget and the Humiliation for Hotness project will appreciate it.

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The Empress said...

Oh the hateful budget getting in the way of good things like baking. I only have 3 baking projects for this month and I'm sad about that. But of course, money is a limiting factor. Le sigh.