Monday, January 19, 2009

H for H (Weigh-in #2)

The Humiliation for Hotness Project is really off to a great start.

If you'll remember, my roommate and I began the H for H on January 12th, the first day of the semester. Since then, I've been eating moderately well - much the same as my usual diet but with more guilt and, you know, humiliation - and exercising fairly regularly.

To be extremely specific, in the last 8 days, I've spent 7.5 hours at the gym. And I think I skipped two days in there because of snow and laziness.

And, so far, the project has paid off. My muscles are sore and I've lost a total of three pounds. I'll let you smart ones do the math.

Let's just say that if I continued to lose weight at this rate through the remaining 16 weeks of the project, I would be underweight. Ha! Imagine it!

So bring on Week 2, I'm ready for it. Armed with fibrous cereal and celery, I am a fat-killing machine.

Perhaps I should take a really busted looking "before" picture before I start achieving hotness...

1 comment:

kmari03 said...

But, see, if you don't take a before picture, I can complain about the lack of one come May.

Also, since I haven't seen you in such a long time, I am having trouble picturing this H for H thing correctly. I kind of imagine you getting shorter.