Monday, January 26, 2009

High-Maintenance Girls and Why I Hate Them

1. See the picture from my previous post.

2. My phone cannot handle the cold. When it gets cold -- which has happened a few times, let's just be honest -- it refuses to type. Why the chill would I have a hot, Hilton-esque phone with a slide out typer if it's not going to type? WHY?!

3. A high-maintenance girl would not eat the dinner that I made tonight. First, observe:

Holy bad lighting, Batman.

Anyway, the ingredient list for that salad.
- lettuce
- whole grain elbows
- granny smith apple
- turkey sausage
- vidalia vinaigrette

See what I mean?

Let me just say that this salad was fantastic and I will absolutely be making it again.

4. The gym is not the place for full makeup. I don't care if you do look cute with the ponytail and the stretchy pants. The full makeup is a touch much. I look a hot mess at the gym and you should too. Please?

5. I lost one pound this week. It's the dreaded two week slump. It's okay though. I've had one really good week and now one not-so-good week. I know what I need to do. Onward and upward!

6. The bachelorettes are all crying over the same man as he sloppily makes out with all of them. Tacky. Nikki is my current fave. Maybe Melissa. Or Nikki. No, Melissa.

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The Empress said...

I am I high maintenance girl, but I would never wear makeup to the gym. Well, I have, but I would not wear freshly applied makeup put on specifically for going to the gym. I don't make it a point to wash makeup off before I go but maybe I should because I would hate for people to think I put it on just for the gym. Ew.