Monday, November 2, 2009

A Halloween Reflection

When the fellow in the middle was commissioned to zip my $9 Goodwill dress of infinite tightness, he gripped the zipper, started pulling up and asked only one question:

"We're going all the way up?"

Yes, dear. Have a bit of faith.

This morning, when one of my students asked how my weekend was, I thought about it and said, "It was nice."

When she asked me if I did anything for Halloween, I said (without thinking), "No... I didn't... How was your dad's haunted house?" She launched into a story about scaring children and I returned to my gradebook.

And... we're back to normal. At least for another 362 days. Sigh.


Kate said...

Your costume is pretty darn amazing.

kmari03 said...

I like that you are already counting down to next Halloween.

Evan said...

Very nice. I like this dress even better than the last one.

Amber said...

okay you have to send me your skinny tips. you look so svelte! loves it.

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

You are smokin in that dress!

jess said...

hahahahha!! i just laughed out loud in the library.

ash.lin. said...

your boobs look great in the dress. i do mean that in the most respectful way.
with that said, the 'tweets you missed' brilliant. i would have no issue sitting in front of my screen just reading your tweets you abstained from tweeting.
finally, i mention your blog on my latest post.

Anita said...

Oh my look fantastic!