Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mail Call!

When I got home from my loooong day of teaching with half a voice, I was greeted by a very exciting package on my doorstep. My everpresent landlord actually saw me find and recognize the package as my Zombie Cupcake prizes and called over, "Someone sent you a Christmas present!"

(I think I caught him off guard when I responded in my manly rasp, but it got me inside my house without having to carry on a conversation.)

The package encouraged me to be careful when opening... and careful I was.

Look at all the goodies. :) Let's take a closer look, ya?

My prize package included:

A pouch made by Yoyo of Topstitch.

An awesome Cupcake Rehab inspired painting by Christine Comis.

Pink polka dot cupcake liners from Lyns of Sweet Cuppin Cakes.

And... a handwritten note from Marilla.

There was so much pink in this package, people. And I love it. I've already decided where to hang the painting, what to put in the pouch, and how I'm going to fill those liners.

A big THANK YOU to Marilla for hosting a Cupcake Rehab 2nd Birthday Giveaway. And another THANK YOU to the prize sponsors. You guys are tops.


Barbara Bakes said...

How fun! I love getting real mail!

Evan said...

Beautiful. I do hope that you're planning to fill the liners with cheese cupcakes for Sia.

Anita said...

Everyone loves a good prize...enjoy!!

Amanda said...

Damn, Evan. You're good.

Or... I'm just that predictable.

Ash said...

Wow what a prize!!
Great stuff!!

Kate said...

I'm coveting those cupcake liners. Not even kidding.

Marilla @ Cupcake Rehab said...

Aw I'm so glad you like the prizes, and you totally deserved them! Enjoy <33

Amanda said...

Kate, this pink box had you written all over it. :) But... you still can't have them.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful prizes! Congrats again :)

Casey's Wifey said...

Congrats my dear! You are awesome...and so are the prizes. I'm especially jealous of your ROCKSTAR painting. I totally want one.