Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stuff Amanda Likes: Folk Music

So, I'm sure you've all seen this book

and if you haven't, you should. Christian Lander started compiling Stuff White People like on his blog, and then put it all into one hilarious book. It's definitely worth a read.

Anyway... sometimes I think that you all just might like to know a bit about Stuff Amanda Likes. And... if you don't... then feel free to ignore this post and move on to higher blog ground.

Today's theme is... Folk Music

1. Girlyman, "Somewhere Different Now"

Since my true favorites are indy folk, it's hard to find good videos. Many of them end up coming from concerts, radio spots, or the like; you'll see that in the clips I've posted here. But... Girlyman is good however you can find them. Doris, Ty, and Nate combine harmonies with guitars, mandolins, congas, tamborines, and whatever they can find (seriously... I've seen Ty play a colander) to produce music that makes me weak in the knees.

And as far as Ty (the lead singer on this song) is concerned, it is my life goal to "bust up her hideout."

Fun Fact: Girlyman is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but the only time I've seen them in the flesh was in Portland, Maine.

2. The Wailin' Jennys, "One Voice"

Pandora introduced me to The Wailin' Jennys this semester over a stack of student papers. We hit it off immediately, and it isn't just their name that won me over. These women have gorgeous voices that they wrap around spirituals, hymns, ballads, Irish folk songs, and many of their own original songs. They're hard not to love.

Fun Fact: The Wailin' Jennys are responsible for "Calling All Angels", the song that plays at the end of Pay It Forward and reduces all living, breathing beings to puddles of weepy mess.

3. Nada Surf, "Blizzard of 77"

Now, I can't speak for all of Nada Surf's work. I've been told they were a flash in the pan in 1996 with the enormously annoying song, "Popular." I don't know that song and I don't care to. But "Blizzard of 77" and others I've heard like it have that earnest harmony that demands attention. It probably doesn't help that one of my smalltown friends plays this particular song every time she's in charge of the tunes.

Fun Fact: The last post on Nada Surf's blog was just over one year ago. In it, Matthew Caws expresses his concern over the upcoming presidential election and encourages readers to vote. These dudes are nothing if not current.


That's all for now. Just a few of my current must plays. If you have a minute, do check out Brandi Carlile's "Dreams" (embedding disabled, lives ruined). I'm serenaded by that one each time my phone rings.


Evan said...

Thanks a bunch for sending me to a blog I could get lost on. Should be getting work done...

jess said...

those damn "Wailin' Jennys". i turned on the tv one time to catch a few seconds before the end of that movie and started crying immediately...and then of course, i couldn't turn away. gets me EVERY time.

Amber said...

omg..."Popular" was like...the biggest thing EVARR. (and enormously annoying.)

Anita said...

enjoyed the videos...

Kate said...

I don't particularly enjoy folk music - there are exceptions, of course, as always - but I do like this idea for posts. I hope you will write more of them!

Grace said...

You had The Wailin' Jennys in another post...yes? If so, you introduced me to them, and yes, they are awesome!

Amanda said...

I linked "Long Time Traveler" on Facebook, Grace. I believe you said the girls paused (very briefly) when you played the clip.

Evan, Jess, Amber: Ha! It's my goal to distract you from your regularly scheduled days. Success.

Kate: Does Ani count as folk? Pandora insists she does but I'm not convinced.

Anita: Glad you liked them. I saw a band (live!) a few weeks bad that you would have LOVED. They are called "Rollin In the Hay" and they are too much fun. Bluegrass and I have a feeling a couple of the musicians are exactly what you're talking about. :)

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Heya - I left a reply to your question about the Clive illustrations in the same post. I hope it helps :)