Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stuff Amanda Likes: Savannah

I'll be honest: Smalltown, Georgia gets me down at times. We're small, dry*, conservative, and without our own Target.

Luckily, when things get blah here, I can roadtrip it to Savannah, a place Amanda likes very much. Here are just a few of the things I like about Savannah.

1. Driving under Spanish Moss & Palm Trees at the same time.

It's just so Southern and homey that it makes me want to fall into a bout of fiddle-dee-dees that would make even Blanche take notice. Just on the other side of this median is the Daughters of the American Revolution park. Blanche would have something to say about that too.

2. Paying to park at a meter, under Spanish moss and palm trees, and in front of adorable rowhouses.

Don't really need much more explanation. The kitsch level is just really high. And I like that.

3. The Book Lady

Located at 6 East Liberty Street, the Book Lady bookstore is quite the find. I happened upon it while hunting down a bakery. (I didn't find the bakery, but I found the building... so I'm not giving up.) Anyway... The Book Lady. This bookstore is accessed by a tiny door just below street level. It's stuffed to the gills with all sorts of books, and I do mean all sorts.

Funniest thing about this bookstore? The bathroom. The bathroom (a one-fer) is large but it's also stuffed to the gills with books, just like the rest of the store. There are shelves in there. And tubs. And boxes. And stacks on the floor. A note on the door (propped open by a stool until you move it) reads:

"You are welcome to use the bathroom, but do not remove the books. These books ARE NOT for sale. Thank you, The Book Lady"

Does that remind anyone else of Sienfeld and George's Impressionists?

4. Soho South Cafe

Just past The Book Lady at 12 West Liberty Street, the Soho South Cafe caught my eye with its brightly colored umbrellas and promise of art with my lunch. Once inside, I was not disappointed. The cafe is big and open with high ceilings and many windows. Art is everywhere, but I didn't take in much of it since my book and I were seated at the front window. The staff was super friendly and hospitable (go figure, I know...) and when my waiter forgot my silverware he sweetly exclaimed, "Oh my word! I'm so sorry about that!"

I swooned a little.

And the food? Excellent. I ordered the Waldorf-style Tuna Pita with a lightly dressed house salad. So good. And so fresh. It was so good that I'm officially adding to this list of foods I would eat every day if I was forced to.

5. The Savannah Mall

For this last bit of stuff, you'll have to shift gears with me. One of the great things about Savannah is that as a place, it's a total both/and. Savannah is BOTH the historical, adorable, artsy place that you've seen so far AND the suburban shopping district that is just a few minutes away. Since I can't shop outside of Goodwills in Smalltown, Georgia, my trips to Savannah definitely include a stop to the mall(s).

And on this trip, I found this poster. Sigh. Sadly, the gingerbread trailer park wasn't set up yet. Otherwise you'd better believe I would have brought you a picture.

To wrap up, this list only covers one street and one mall, but it gives you a small taste of some of what I like about Savannah. Rest assured there are many other things. Things like Paula Deen, River Street, to go beers, Five Guys, ghost tours, Lady Chablis, and street musicians.

*Seriously. I have to drive about 15 minutes from my house to the county line in order to purchase hard alcohol. Beer and wine flow freely though.


kmari03 said...

Instead of liking stuff, why don't you approve/disapprove? :)

Evan said...

Don't forget Mrs. Wilkes' Boarding House! If you haven't experienced that yet, you absolutely must. But, be prepared for a long line.

Kate said...

I love that you came back for a Savannah edition I'm hoping to see future installments in this series.

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

It looks really lovely there. I want to do a road trip of America badly. One day.

Amanda said...

Kmari03: Why?! Because that's your job, Kira! Get on it!

Never heard of it, Evan, but I'll look it up.

Me too, Kate. We'll see if there is anything else that this cynical mysanthrope likes enough to blog about.

Do it, Alicia! I wish I had the means to suggest a house swap. I would love to check out your side of the world.

Ash said...

I love this 'around town' post! I've been reading these books that mostly take part in the South and they have me wanting to go!! Savannah looks like a cool place.. especially that book store.

Amber said...

lerrrve the Sav. You need to check out:
* Vinnie Van Go Go's pizza
* Back in the Day bakery
* Venus (it's a bar i think you might like)
* the lobby of the Mansion on Forsyth Park

Alicia Howe said...

I heart Savannah too. It rocks my world. Recent good find: Will and I happened to stumble upon it after we had bad sushi. Their desserts are so amazing. You would love it too because all the waitresses wear retro style aprons.

Also, the other reason I love Savannah: it's an open container city. As long as it's in a plastic cup, you can walk and drink whatever you want.