Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Brunch (for Two!)

Yes, yes, I know. Sunday brunch is quickly becoming a habit with me.

But, ya know, there are most definitely worse things.

So here's what I had for brunch today and what I recommend you make for brunch at the next available opportunity (Sunday?).

4 strips of bacon, baked for ease and smoke detector testing (mine's fine, by the way). 4 eggs, slow scrambled with milk, a slice-o-Kraft American cheese, salt and pepper. And a holy mess of fried potatoes.

Mmm... let's spend a minute with those potatoes, shall we?!

My grandmother (mom's mom) made the best fried potatoes. They were perfectly browned in just the right amount of oil. Seasoned only with salt, pepper, and onions, the potatoes were simple and comforting and absolutely amazing. Breakfast-for-Dinner at Mammaw's house was a rare treat that we ALL got excited about. Honestly, boys and girls, I don't even remember the other dishes served at those breakfast gatherings. The potatoes were just that good.

So... that's the nostalgia... now here's the joke:

My aunt (mom's sister, Mammaw's daughter) set out to make these fried potatoes this summer. She reached back into the recesses of her mind and did her very best to recreate Mammaw's fried potatoes. What she ended up with was disastrous and she came to me wondering what went wrong. After she talked me through her process, I asked a question: "Hmm... how much oil did you put in the skillet?"

(Ready yourself for the punchline.)

She replied, "Oh... about this much" raising her right thumb and pointer finger to show about an inch and a half. (O_O)

Too much! Too much!

Anyway... since then I've been trying to make those fried potatoes on my own. And, I think I've got it. Today, I spiced them up Creole-style because I didn't have any onions but the basic idea is the same.

Mammaw's (Creole) Fried Potatoes

Vegetable Oil
Potatoes (red-skinned, cubed)
Minced Garlic
Creole Seasoning (Tastes Great on Everything!)

1. Take a turn of the pan with the vegetable oil. (Just a turn, more than that and you'll be deep frying your potatoes. You just want to brown them. Right, Anita?)

2. Add the chopped potatoes to the hot oil, spread them out, sprinkle garlic and Creole seasoning over them, and walk away. Seriously. Let them brown.

3. Flip them a few times as they brown, but give them several minutes between flippings. This the most important part of the deal. Just do it. After flips, season again if you want.

4. Taste test along the way. Stop when they are perfect.

Finally, take all your food stuffs to the table, share them with your house guest (No? That's just me? Well... aren't I just the lucky girl?), and then please go on to seize carpe the diem day.


Kate said...

Sunday brunch is my favorite. I like it best when there are multiple house guests for brunching with.

Ash said...

I'm liking those potatoes!! I need to do me a sunday brunch!

Amber said...

tell your house guest I love and miss her. And um...home fries = best. And I don't even like potatoes!

Anonymous said...

mmm your brunches always look so delicious. I just generally can't be bothered on Sundays because it is my baking day.

jess said...

that mug means there's some hot coffee to go along with this lovely brunch. oh baby.

Evan said...

K's dad always serves us fried potatoes when we're there for breakfast, and I never got it. What's the appeal? I think I'll stick with hash browns or a baked potato.

Amanda said...

Oh, Evan, I'm sorry K's dad can't make fried potatoes. That's really the only explanation I can think of for your apparent nonchalance.

kmari03 said...

hahahaha. my favorite part of this post may just be evan's comment and your reply.

i suggest your next effort be breakfast for dinner. whole different ball game... :)

Anita said...

I continue to struggle with that oil issue but I am improving. So, when you come home you definitely need to host the next breakfast....I'll do the bacon and you do the rest:)

Me! said...

mmmm those look tasty. Whenever I've tried a recipe like yours it always seems to take forever to cook them through, even when I chop them insanely small. My approach is chop them, microwave until they are tender, then throw into a hot skillet to brown them up.