Monday, April 5, 2010

Video Post: A Response to Blogger Beef

Last week when I made my little Yeasty Bidness video, I might have sassed Kate a little. And, Kate might have fired back with a surprisingly pointed video in which she informed me that we had beef.


Never one to ignore a glove to the face (and I'm not talking boxing glove, I'm talking gentleman's glove... like a formal challenge among dandies), I present you (and Kate) with my humble response.


And just to remind you all that I do know my way around some yeast:
Yeast Pancakes
Sticky Buns
Honey Whole Wheat Bread


Jecca Andrew said...


don't cross a. fiercehair.
when will everyone learn?

Evan said...

Well played. Does that make you Paula Deen's apprentice?

Amanda said...

Good question, Jecca.

Evan: YES!

kmari03 said...

I saved this when you posted it and just now had time to watch the video.

It turned out it wasn't about me. Or food. Or me. Or food.

It was still okay, I guess.

Amanda said...

hahahhaa... Kira, I promise the next video will either be about food. Or you. Or food.