Saturday, April 3, 2010

Strawberry Shortstacks

Mmmmm... delicious sleep of the weekend. How I love it.

I meant to put together an overnight yeast pancake batter before I went to bed last night, but I forgot about it when I decided to turn in around 11pm. No worries though! This morning, I met some friends at the farmer's market and before I ran out the door, I mixed up this recipe for Yeast Pancakes* so it could do its thing while I browsed.

Please note the little yeasty beasts in the dry ingredients.

So you don't get worried if you make these yeast pancakes on your own, I'll tell you that the batter (when it first comes together) is extremely thin and liquidy.


Ah, but after a couple of hours, the batter is a bit thicker and definitely weirder. After I gave it a quick stir, it looked like normal pancake batter.

While I fried up the pancakes in the usual way, I cooked down some strawberries in a little bit of sugar. I threw in some cornstarch at the end to thicken the juices and... voila!

Strawberry Shortstacks.

I layered the strawberry sauce between the pancakes too... just because I felt like it. It was a delicious Spring-is-here-and-Summer-is-around-the-corner! breakfast.

*If you use this recipe, I'd recommend cutting the amount of salt in half. I thought it looked like too much when I was adding it, but I checked the recipe again and decided to trust it. The pancakes were a bit saltier than I'd prefer. This was another reason I schmeared the strawberries throughout. I also made some subtle Amanda changes to this recipe by swapping out the whole milk in favor of soy and replacing a third of the white flour with whole wheat flour. It's how I roll.


kmari03 said...

mmmmm these look good! you should try the pancake recipes on vegan yum-yum. the one for yeast pancakes is yummy, but I also love just the basic soy ones. They come out thin and really soft and yummy.

Ash said...

mmm... pancakes.

Jecca Andrew said...

umm, i freaking love you. i saw that you posted a link to my blog on the side of yours and it made my heart happy. and thennnnn i saw your tweet from a couple hours ago and i am beyond flattered.i kindof want to shave my head again now. like a lot. eek. and wow. (and i love you.)

Amber said...

omigod you are the breakfast master!!!!