Friday, April 16, 2010

Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

This weekend, I made a Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake. I think I'll let the pictures (and Facebook comments from friends) speak for themselves.

Blair: "Yeah, that was basically amazing. Must wait until tomorrow for a second peice . . ."

Katie: "Come to Momma."
Scott: "Katie, you have nooooo idea."

Scott: "Your cinnamon roll cheesecake was a hit with the guys today. They better be glad my parents taught me to share, cause I didn't want to. Each requested their wife be given the recipe at seperate times. You basically rock."

The only thing better than spending the day putting together a five-layered cheesecake is giving it away to happy eaters like mine.

Wow... and after that uncharacteristically sentimental confession... I'll rebound by saying that the day that I watched these Facebook comments roll in, I also ate probably about a lb. of leftover cheesecake while I graded papers.

And... then... the next day when I had my fitness consultation at the new gym, I realized why cheesecaking like that is such a poor life choice. : ) But, I promise you that - in moderation - this cinnamon roll cheesecake is an amazing experience that you should probably have soon.


Liesl said...

OH MY!!! This looks incredible! Can I please have a piece!! NOW!! ;o) I am definitely marking this recipe!

kmari03 said...

WOW!! That looks sooooo good. And what's this about a fitness consultation? I wish our gym did thst. Do you worry about running into students at the gym? I have this nightmare about being asked about grades while I'm trying to work out...

Athena said...

Ah! Oh my buns, that looks amazing! it makes sense too because cinnamon rolls are usually topped with cream cheese frosting, so a cheeseckae must taste like some creamier, heavanlier version!!!!

I'm in college now. In three years, i'll definitely make this. thank you.

Grace said...

Amanda Jo! Stop it. I'm making