Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scenes from our next episode...

I decorated these. In a pretty serious way. And soon I'll give you the dirty (read: extremely clean and even kinda cutesy) details.

But not now.

Now I'm going to tell you exactly why this week sucks.

+ My car has a cough.

+ I lost my wallet (for a minute, but it wasn't ever really gone).

+ I've been putting off a trip to Walmart for weeks. I went today but... I thought I'd forgotten my wallet and didn't go in.

+ I've read a little over 2/5 of my students' final papers. Can't tell you for sure b/c I left my gradebook in the office.

+ My hair is an awkward length.

+ Today I had pickles for lunch.

+ I've started drinking coffee again and it's all I think about.

+ So far this week, I've left my headlights on twice. Both times nice people have told me within 5 minutes (Represent, GA!).

+ Justin Bieber's mom fell victim to a Belieber stampede today.

+ It's the last week of classes.

+ It's the last week of classes.

+ It's the last week of classes.

How are your weeks, loves?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, basically the same! But you may have more graded than me! - B

Anonymous said...

Hold it together Amanda. Only a few more days left!!!

Evan said...

Isn't the last week of classes a good thing? At least they'll be over soon!

Amanda said...

Yah... the last week is a good thing... it just amps everything up. Perhaps exams next week, job interviews week after that, and summer school the week after that might also add to the bliss.

Amanda said...

Oh... and Blair, I have 33 papers left.

Doll Face said...

Wha wha what???

1. Why would (at first I typed "wound" LoL) *anyone* knowingly and willfully give up coffee? Us Californians have it coming out of the tap instead of water (well, we have beer taps too...).

2. I have been inspired to have pickles for lunch tomorrow. And I'm talking regular dills, not those yummy fried ones at Hooters.

3. I need to clarify my 58 from the previous post. 23 pair are living at my old apartment with my old husband. 4 pair are actually my 3 year olddaughter, Clementine's, she insisted on having her flip flops, dora shoes, slippers and basketball shoes (wtf are basketball shoes you might ask? They have shaq on them) counted.

4. Yer blog is lookin mighty differnt on this here high tech telephone. I can't figure out how to read it all, let alone comment (yep, it took dern near 5 minutes for my ol eyes to find the "post a comment"button.

5. That photo looks yummy. Send some of that my way, huh?

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

"Justin Bieber's mom fell victim to a Beiber stampede today."

...and why does that suck? ;)