Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week of Wardrobe Wednesday: Let's See How Long This Lasts...

Well, dangit.

Not only did you guys like the Week of Wardrobe post, many of you said it should be a weekly feature. Weekly? WEEKLY? Do you not know how much pressure that is?!

Let's just think about this, shall we? I can't have off days. I can't ignore the laundry pile growing in my closet. I can't wear the same shirt two Tuesdays in a row. I can't wear one pair of jeans an entire week. I can't teach in a white t-shirt and an oversized (not in the good way) sweater because I just couldn't care less that day. I can't have a bad hair day, for goodness sake, without you guys knowing.

But... then again... it is probably a good idea for me to be slightly more on top of my appearance on a regular basis. Like I said in the title of this post, let's just see how long this lasts.


Sushi Night. Has nothing to do with my preppenstein get-up, but Sushi Night is a good thing to look forward to mid-week. Never mind that I don't care for sushi. The company is good.


After teaching one class, I came home and shed the teacher costume (no, I didn't photograph it, nor do I remember what it was) and did some dishes. I think I made a panini too...


I'm proud of this outfit that saw me through a faculty retreat, lunch and shopping downtown with friends, and a cupcakery visit. (That's right... Back in the Day!)


Inspired by Friday's shopping, I tried to put together something cute and hipster. I finally decided that if I were going to clash, I should do it purposefully. This is the only explanation I can give you for the navy + black + pink + red situation.


Don't have anything witty or of interest to say about this outfit. The jeans are secondhand and pinstriped. The hoody has cartoon exclamation points on it. And the flats are floral. That's three patterns, but somehow I consider this outfit to be more neutral than most of mine.


This outfit says, "But of course I'll be at Mrs. Habersham's garden party. Anyone who is anyone will make an appearance." This picture says, "Shoot, did it really beep three times already..."


I love this shirt for two reasons. Those reasons are: Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Lady Gaga in... anything poofy sleeved and rouched.

I'd also like to apologize for the open trashcan, the spread eagle KitchenAid (I swear she's usually more demure), and the open cabinet. You see... I was baking for sanity. That seems to be happening more often lately.

Well... that's my Week of Wardrobe. You can check out Kate's week here. Sooo what's the verdict?

Are ya bored yet?


Kate said...

I love Friday. And Saturday. And Tuesday.

But Monday is my favorite. Just because that's literally the dialogue that passed through my mind as I looked at that picture. "Oh, Sally, I can't fix your hair right now. I've just got to get to this tea and then the Junior League meeting before I have that garden society conference. Ask Mammy to help you."

kmari03 said...

The panda shirt on Saturday reminds me of that creepy advertisement with the panda masks in Atlantic Station.

Also, you should also do shopping "haul" blogs. People even do videos of all the shopping the did.

Amber said...

I'm all about Friday and Monday! Friday because it's fun and I like your look of disdain; Monday because it's very "me" and I tend to gravitate toward clothes I would already own.

Ash said...

I have to agree, it's all about friday. but I love your expression on monday and saturday.

I'd be happy if you did this once a month.. it is pretty fun!

Anonymous said...

I think the hipster look worked! And love the (new) Monday look. So wouldn't argue about paper topics with that woman! - Blair

Grace said...

I love love LOVE Monday's dress! Gorgeous!!

Grace said...

PS Ready for next week's WoW!! =)

The Boob Nazi said...

I love your hair. I wish I could pull it off.