Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amanda's a WoW kid!: Week of Wardrobe v. 1

Hulloh, new blog feature!

Well... possible new blog feature. If you all like it. And leave enough comments to make me feel good about myself. And like I wouldn't mind spending the extra time taking awkward daily pictures of myself.

Anyways... the feature.

A Week of Wardrobe was my sister's idea. She tried it out a while back and she put another edition together this week. The idea is simple... one pic each day for a week showing that day's outfit. Now... my sister is a bank teller. And a hipster. I am a composition instructor with little regard for normalcy or anything uncomfortable. So... this could get interesting.



Out-of-town teacher uses the distance from students to wear age- (if not profession) appropriate t-shirt.


80's rebel, John Hughes style. Tough as nails and smoking in the bathroom, until two-thirds of the way through the film when she cracks a bit.


Long lost Jonas sister. You can just tell I'm saving myself for marriage, can't you?

Wednesday (Day of Hellish 5-Class Reckoning):

Quirky teacher complete with citrusy sweater and flats, tied together with a $2.50 thrifted, homemade belt. (Holla, faculty bathroom mirror!)


Told that Smalltown will "feel like winter," our heroine winterizes a basic grey t-shirt with the wonderscarf and a jacket, just in case they weren't kidding.

Friday (pt. 1):

That girl who uses Casual Friday to show up all her co-workers by dressing up for the first time that week.

Friday (pt. 2):

This, ladies and gentlemen, is called "finding your light" (at least it would be if the light were any count). This is also called appropriate attire for going out on Friday night in Smalltown. Sigh.


If you follow me on Twitter and paid attention on Friday night, you can probably guess why I played the role of dirty hippy on Saturday. The reality of the morning headache and the prospect of errands, baking, and house cleaning landed me in comfort world: white T, jeans that I can put on and take off without ever unzipping, TOMS, and not a stitch of the makeups.

And... because I just can't end the post with that picture...


Trying out a new coffee shop mandates the humanities woman costume and I willingly comply. And take a picture of myself in said costume in the bathroom.

And that, dear friends and lurkers, is a Week of my Wardrobe. Don't forget to take a gander at my sister's WoW post here. We also talked the Domestic Empress into joining the fold too, so you can check out her week when she posts it on Thursday or Friday.


Jecca Andrew said...

yay yay yay!!!

yours is uber cute! loved it.
(and thanks for so many linkers. ha!)

Amber said...

Wednesday was my fave! And I, too, like to be the one who dresses up on casual Friday and wear jeans on Tuesday. Testing the boundaries!

CMHall said...

The "humanities woman costume" is priceless... and also exactly how I look most days, whether teaching or coffee shopping, which coincidentally, is why I could never do a WoW post--I have no ability to change up my look! But you, my friend, are quite inspiring. Keep them coming and perhaps when I graduate and get a job you might have rubbed off on me! (My fave was the dress/citrusy sweater. Love.

kmari03 said...

Hey, good accesorizing with the thrift store belt! I like it better as a headband, maybe...

Also, they should totally move casual friday to monday. You need jeans on Monday way more than they need them on Friday!!

Evan said...

Was I the only one expecting a World of Warcraft post? At least this was almost as good.

Monday is awesome, but I do like the arrows pointing out the obvious on Sunday #1. The composition of the shot in Saturday is uh-may-zing.

Please do keep this least as long as it doesn't interfere with the other content.

Dan Koon said...

I really like this, I often think to myself, what would fiercehair wear? If this was a blog world feature of myself it would only display 3 was a week riddled with unexpected all nighters. I can't decide if Wednesday or Friday is my fav...tho bum Saturday is pretty sexy :)

Julie said...

LOL re. the jonas sister comment :) i love it...makes me wanna take pics of myself this if the body shot weren't enough for you!

cookingnerd said...

Jealous of Wednesday! And I also love that the women's restroom at work looks like a guy came in there . . . literally. Now I understand your top two fears a little better.

Inappropriate comment? Yes.

Could I restrain myself? No.

*Quickly changes the subject*

Leeeeerve the post. Will be stealing it!

Ryan said...

you are super cute amanda.
i like thursday most

Laura said...

Love the quirky teacher look, that dress is gorgeous!

Kate said...

Your pictures make me embarassed of the ones I've taken so far. I need more practice in the taking pictures of myself department.

And your clothes! Your shoes alone make me want to crawl inside your closet and refuse to leave. And the commentary...oh, my WoW post will be such a let down after this.

Good thing there's next week : )

Grace said...

It's hard to pick a fave...I think I like Sunday the best =)

Ash said...

haha, I love this!! So fun. I believe I like monday and wednesday, monday's shoes are just too cute. I have to say, I own thrusday's scarf too!

Amanda said...

Oh, the comments!

You guys made my day. I kept checking back throughout my loooong Monday and getting excited over each one of your responses to my crazy outfits or my misappropriation of the WoW acronym.

Methinks I'll keep the feature. But who's going to join me next time?! Huh? Huh? You!?!

LP said...

Lofl! The mirror shots started making me a little woozy when I focused on the place/mirror rather than just the mirror image...but you're so good at posing! Only dressing up on Friday is so me! I like the scarfs, chucks, and eightiesness...

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

If I did this I swear to god I would have the same outfit like everyday - I have no clothes!

Hilary said...

Wednesday's quirky teacher look is awesome!

And Casual Friday is always a good day to overdo it, to make everyone else look slack.