Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'll get by with a little help from my readers

I'm looking at the week ahead of me, and I've come to a very serious conclusion. I will need to bake. And I will need to bake something complicated. With yeast. You see... this week I will be conducting...

29 conferences, actually. 3 students in each. Spread over 5 days.

So, do me a favor, will ya?

Check out the poll on the right side of the blog there, and make this one decision for me. On Wednesday, I will check the poll, shop accordingly, and bake my stress away. Your options are:

1. Cranberry Walnut Bagels: I've been planning and putting these off for weeks, but the recipe promises to be like Panera's Pink Ribbon bagel (my favorite ever!).

2. Soft Pretzels: Sounds basic, so I'll make a sweet and a savory version.

3. Savory Braided Bread: I haven't decided exactly what will be tucked inside yet, but there will be animal of some sort.

Go! Vote! (No log-in required.) The poll will close Wednesday at noon.


Ash said...

Ahh, It won't let me write in your poll box!!

I'm thinking you need to make cranberry walnut bagels, they just so sound amazing and because you know you love em and because I want to see what they look like.

Good luck!

Amanda said...

That's frustrating! What good is a poll if it won't poll people?!

I'll consider you bageled though. :)

Jecca Andrew said...

bagels, mamba. do it. they're legit.

Danielle said...

Good luck!!