Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday: Saddle Shoes

**Note: Week of Wardrobe will be posted the first Wednesday of the month. All other Wednesdays, I'll post something related to my wardrobe (because I just love writing about myself, let's be honest).**

This past week, a new pair of shoes arrived at my door. For the moment at least, they complete me. So, I wrote a poem for my new loves. And not just any type of poem... a sestina: six sestets and a tercet, all ending with the same six words in a different order each time.

Make sense? Of course not. Just enjoy...

Perfect Pairing: A Sestina on Saddle Shoes

Some uneducated types might call them “shoes”
But to me this pair is a whole lot closer to love.
If you’ll allow me a minute to explain in fierce
Detail, I’ll try to make it not feel like school.
The non-slip soles are rubber but the sides are black.
The white toe and laces are truly things of beauty.

And sure, fine, I get that when it comes to beauty
Everything is up to the beholder, but when shoes
Are the beholden, then things are a bit more black
And white. (The same cannot be said for our friend love
Who comes in more colors than an elementary school
Coloring page that can only be described as fierce.)

But back to my new footwear. What makes them so fierce
Is their crazy attempt to redefine what counts as beauty.
Many people would pair these babies with a school
Uniform or perhaps even relegate these classic shoes
To a poodle skirted Halloween costume. Luckily, I love
Wearing things others wouldn’t. And they’re black.

If there is any color with which one can risk, it’s black.
Show me a way to wear this color and look fierce
Instead of uninspired or drab and I'll be in love.
This slimming shade gets a bad rap when it comes to beauty
Because it’s considered safe, I guess. But my shoes
Are not at all safe. They’re actually too cool for school.

“Wait a minute,” you say, “don’t you wear them to school?”
Yes! I do! And with pride. Because these little black
and white diddies are so much more than a pair of shoes.
I put these things on in the morning and I feel fierce
Immediately. I know that my day will bring freedom, beauty,
truth, and (sing it if you know it, my bohemians!) love.

The best part is, I really do believe in a thing called love.
And though I don’t believe they teach it to you in school,
I do think it’s something you have to learn. The beauty
of this whole thing is that though at times it seems black
bleak, you can find l.o.v.e. hidden in an especially fierce
especially epic, non-slip, non-marking soled pair of shoes.

Exhibit A: While neither beauty nor really even love
was my topic, saddle shoes ended up playing school
with my cold, black heart. So. Ridiculously. Fierce.


Anita said...

The poem was great but I've got to know...where did they come from?!?

Amanda said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Love. And Vogue would agree. - B