Monday, March 15, 2010

Asparagus + Goat Cheese = Pizza?

My kingdom for more counter space!

I guess this will always be the complaint, no matter how much surface area I have to work with. But seriously... I need more room.

Especially when throwing leftovers together to make mini pizzas. Because... one... really can't... have enough... room when building pizzas? Idk... let me just stop here and give you the lowdown. told me to use my goat cheese and asparagus in either a quesadilla (no good without tortillas) or a pizza. So I built my pizzas on some EarthGrains Thin Buns and just tried to use as many of my perishables as possible.

From the bottom:

+ Thin Bun
+ Drizzle of olive oil
+ Parmesan cheese (Might have been a bit moldy... In an I-am-my-father's-daughter moment, I said, "eh... some people would pay more for that" and used it anyway. Judge if you want.)
+ Sliced cherry tomatoes
+ Chopped fresh asparagus
+ Chunks of goat cheese
+ Shake of red pepper flakes
+ Crumbled, fried facon (holla!)

Since the thin buns are already cooked, it's just about heating the toppings through. About 10 minutes at 350 will do the trick.

Mmmmmm... So good. Goat cheese makes my mouth happier than many other things, so I knew I'd like this pizza. What I didn't expect was just how much those fresh tomatoes would step up in a sauce-less situation. And while real bacon might have been a stronger counterpoint to the health stacked on that pizza, the facon was crunchy and close enough for my purposes.

AND today while I was napping on the futon, I think I heard Dr. Oz say something about how meal had to be colorful to be balanced and healthy. And just try to tell me these minis are boring.

That's right. You can't. I win again.


Evan said...

Anything with asparagus is good in my book.

kmari03 said...

I was just wondering what I could do with some leftover asparagus. I'm so going to make these! Maybe on pita bread.

Also, you're totally addicted to fake bacon. Admitting it is the first step...

Me! said...

when I bought my house I thought wow so much counter space it'll be wonderful. Now that I've lived here a while I still run out of counter space and I want more.

Ash said...

always never enough counter space.... maybe one day when I get my dream kitchen it will be all about the surface space... all about it!

I love goat cheese so I have to say these look pretty friggin awesome!

kitchen koala said...

Yum! Those look pretty stinkin' good, even to me--the non-goat cheese lover (*gasp*, I know).

Amanda said...

I am really enjoying the facon!!! How-ev-er... I had real bacon today for the first time in a while and it was quite good.

Also wanted to add that these pizzas were great as cold leftovers the next day. Nom.