Friday, March 5, 2010

Margarita Cupcakes

I make a lot of cupcakes. You've seen some of them.

Some of you lucky b-i-t-c-h-es have gotten to taste them. And some of you that have tasted them with me probably realized that I'm pretty critical of my favorite little treats. There is always something I could have done better. Baking time, amount of sugar in the icing, flavor composition... it usually needs tweaking. It's not often that I'm impressed by my own baked goods.

That said...

I'm impressed with these Margarita Cupcakes.

They are white as can be and pretty boring to look at, but my goodness are they flavorful. And they certainly should be... most of the liquid in the batter is margarita mix, tequila, and triple sec. When lime zest and a white cake mix join this party, there really shouldn't be any more questions about whether these cupcakes are winners.

I made these suckers for a Girls' Night (that I hosted?!?) and they went over well. I mean really well. There was some sighing. And moaning. And one girl said she didn't want the cupcake to end. And... since they are minis and 3 actually make up one regular cupcake... I don't think any of us really policed ourselves.

I also didn't police myself Sunday when I had three of these suckers for breakfast and another two with dinner. Luckily, I was only left with five after I sent each of the girls away with a plate Saturday night.

Anyway... you don't care about that... you're interested in this: Margarita Cupcakes by In Mama Joe's Shadow. I followed the cake recipe exactly, but I did not make the icing suggested here. I mistakenly tossed the leftover margarita mix after I made the batter and I forgot to pick up lime juice while running my errands. So while the girls chatted about pregnancy tests and zebra masks at the kitchen table, I whipped up a quick lime cream cheese icing with one stick of butter, one block of cream cheese, and lime juice, zest, and powdered sugar... all to taste.

Fabulous. I wouldn't change a thing.


LP said...

Do you get a buzz of them? ;)

Evan said...

Sounds wonderful, and I don't even like margaritas. How strong was the tequila + triple sec? Also, should you repeat the recipe, the only margarita I ever liked was a blackberry peach one. Just saying.

Amanda said...

LP: Nah... maybe if I snuck some tequila into the icing... :)

Evan: The liquors weren't noticeable, in my opinion. The margarita mix is so concentrated that it was really the only thing I tasted in the cake.

And blackberry peach?! That sounds like a cupcake of its own there.

Anonymous said...

They were amazing just the way you made them - change nothing! Of course, zebra masks kindof (yes, that's one word) made them over the top! - Blair

A Canadian Foodie said...

YUM... Now this is the kind of recipe my students would love me to have them make!

cookingnerd said...

Lol. . . Pregnancy tests.

Amber said...

WANT. WANT CUPCAKES. or margaritas. one or the other.