Wednesday, August 29, 2007

something is working for me!

things are going so well i'm afraid that the bottom is going to fall out. or, i guess it's just possible to have your cupcakes and eat them too!

no time for posting, i have a syllabus to generate.


red stripe said...

generate! generate!

and i hope your bottom fairs better than mine!

though i may have successfully petitioned for a 7 day extension to write this impossible paper.

oh me oh my.

Anonymous said...

OMG, please produce a verbose and flowery course description. Please please please!

Sara said...

I apologize for stalker-like reading, yet again. However! Your constant cupcake talk has me wanting to bake elaborate goodies. Curse you.

greenpaper said...

*so jealous of the students of ms. hedrick. someday can you teach me a private class?

red stripe said...

he's taking them right now!

my post work twizzler feast is punctuated by much shutter clicking.

the house is silent otherwise.

o summer!