Saturday, September 8, 2007

and so it goes

well, first week down and i'm feeling pretty good. teaching is wonderful. we are actually going to be doing work work on monday and i'm really looking forward to it. i have a couple (one) problem students, but other than that, things are going really smoothly. according to amy, who walked by my classroom while i was teaching on friday, my students adore me. i'm not sure about all that, but it is early enough in their first-year lives that they are still quiet and attentive.
relationships within the department are really something else. between keeping track of the faculty oddities and the ta sexcapades, there is barely enough time to do the readings!
last night was the first disaster party. earlier parties were much more low key, get to know me type things. this one was the beer ponging, pot smoking, bonfiring, freshpersons crashing, awkward cuddling party you expect from undergrads. i only engaged in one of the above listed activities, can you guess which one??? :)
today the heat wave is back in orono. my room is quite stagnant. which, considering the smells i brought home from the above party, is not too much fun. i crossed the street this morning though and bought eggs and orange juice and had myself a lovely french toast breakfast. all is right with the world. or at least maine. how life should be. vacationland and whatnot.
anyway, there are going to be pictures on the other blog, so check it out. their story, of course will be much more tame. i'm not even sure the party will be mentioned. nah...they don't need that.


Sara said...

French toast breakfasts are the best. I haven't been to any parties yet, the library science kids don't really seem to be a partying crowd.

Laura said...

french toast <3
you have the best recipe.
and I told you people would love you.
it's hard not to.

red stripe said...

awkward cuddler!