Sunday, August 12, 2007

the displeasure is all mine!

"so what are you doing these days?"
"well, i'm leaving for maine on wednesday..."
"wednesday?! this wednesday?"

it will be nice when i can have other conversations.

also, i have officially put a ban on meeting fun new people. if you are living in virginia and will continue to do so, or even if you are going elsewhere but not to maine, and you are fun, then i do not want to meet you. i don't want to have the you've-been-here-forever-and-so-have-i-why-didn't-we-hang-out-we-could-have-had-so-much-fun conversation. it's just too bummy. not altogether sad because i am excited about going to maine; i am going to meet great new fun people and i will make friends of some of them, but i am bummed to have to leave everyone else behind. i guess i'll just have to do the long distance thing, because i'm not ready to say goodbye to my friends. awkward, but true. i'll just blog the pain away, blog the pain away, blog the pain away (better if you know the song).

on a lighter (different?) note: ikea tomorrow. hoping to get some drawers to form a desk of sorts and then a bed perhaps and a chair/couch/who knows what of this will even fit in the truck... so, it will be interesting. i'm going with the parents, so we are leaving at 8am. and i blog at 3am. don't question me.

and one final thing to leave you with in an attempt to make you smile: i'm currently laying on the livingroom floor. my laptop light is the only light in the entire house and the clicking of the keyboard provides the only soundtrack. and for the icing on this family cake, my mom just came down here and said, "oh, you're awake" and a couple of other things before going back to bed. baby's excited about moving out!


greenpaper said...

i'm so excited for you!

maine will be fun. i hope i can visit relatively soon.

post pictures sometimes. i wanna see your furniture when you get up there and set-up a little.

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