Sunday, August 26, 2007

chapter endings and such

hello, you.

i dyed my hair today. it's more subdued now, damnit. i really didn't mean for that to happen, i mean, i guess i wanted it to be darker, yes, but in a fall way, not in a non-adventurous blend in way. i suppose it will have to do for now and my first impressions will be slightly darker than i originally intended them to be. ah, well, take me for what i am.

orientation starts tomorrow. and teacher training. and meet & greets. and the judgefest that will be the meeting of this cohort. i haven't googled, i haven't facebooked, i haven't even stalked these people at all. and i know exactly why that is. sure, i want to know about them, but i don't want to draw my own conclusions before i meet them. mainly because i don't want them to do the same to me. damn them if they think they can read something or find something random that they feel is indicative. i myself don't know what is indicative. therefore, i have not stalked, but i'm sure they have.

truth is, i'm absolutely terrified to walk into that building tomorrow. alas, what is growing up if not scary?


Rachel said...

Amanda, I couldn't find an email address for you - you won a copy of Eat This from Cupcakes Take the Cake - please email your mailing address to cupcakestakethecake at - thanks, Rachel

red stripe said...

they're going to eat you alive.

red stripe said...

jk! =) good luckkk.