Thursday, August 23, 2007

i learned several things today

on my walk to campus today i learned that i should always choose the road less traveled. or the road more traveled? i don't know. anyway, i passed a walk-through thing labeled as "pedestrian/bicyclists campus access." skeptical (as always) of this barely beaten path through what appears to be amber waves of grain, i looked and looked and read and read, but ultimately kept walking to stick to the route i knew. well...that route is much longer when you are not on the phone with a friend laughing about how lost you are or you think you are. so, the whole way i'm cursing myself for not taking the odd pedestrian route, even though i don't know where it ends up. guess what i'm doing tomorrow??? ugh. [i also bought a parking pass for a wopping fifty bucks, so i'm covered whatever i decide to do.]

as i opened a bottle of wine with dinner tonight, i learned that maine is one of those lucky states that reimburses you for recycling bottles and such. so excited about that. according to pete the dentist, it's a very enjoyable and addicting process.

finally, as i tried to do some power yoga with rodney yee, i learned that those advisory bits in the fold out thing just might have some validity to them. sure i laughed at his admonition for menstruating women to avoid inverted poses, backbends or vigorous standing poses (obviously has not heard of the diva cup), but there might be something to that waiting for an hour after eating. i was feeling pretty good for a while, but i think i've done enough for one night. feeling fullish and blah. at least now i know. :)

that might be all i learned today... oh! on campus today, i learned that my attempt to smile casually without looking over eager and ridiculous turned out more like nick nolty's mugshot. at least it's only my student id?! ugh. typical.

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